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Dive Into Backstrom’s World: ‘Animal’ Sets the Stage for Musical Revelation

In the vibrant landscape of music, where melodies resonate with emotions and lyrics weave intricate tales, there emerges a luminary storyteller – Backstrom. With the enigmatic new single ‘Animal’ and the impending album release titled ‘The Carousel’, Backstrom invites us into his world, offering a glimpse into his creative journey and the soul-stirring essence of his music. Hailing from a quaint town just an hour away from Stockholm, Backstrom’s musical odyssey ignited with a mandolin in his hands at a tender age. Despite initial hesitation, a drum kit, albeit incomplete, became the catalyst for his venture into bands, ultimately unraveling his true prowess as a songwriter.

Collaboration and networking, hold paramount importance in his work. The selection of musicians for his recordings is deliberate and meticulous. With a geographically dispersed ensemble, Backstrom orchestrates an intricate symphony, exchanging files across digital realms, a testament to the power of technology in bridging creative hands and minds.

Embracing a poetic, observational style, Backstrom crafts compositions that eschew conventional rhymes, steering clear of the trappings of cliché. His artistry takes flight, transcending mere lyrics and melodies in crafting cinematically-styled sonic tapestries.

Central to his musical saga is the alluring single ‘Animal’. A testament to Backstrom’s brilliance, the track captivates listeners with its storytelling core and organic allure that’s refreshingly vibrant. Exploring the song’s creative genesis, Backstrom unveils a collaborative effort where lyrics, initially in Swedish, underwent a metamorphosis into English, aided by the skilled hands of Tommy Jones.

‘Animal’, which features the eloquent and nuanced vocals of Bart Topher, delves into the hidden facets of human nature, painting a vivid picture of the primal instincts and raw emotions that reside within us. The lyrics explore the dualities within individuals, highlighting the struggle between the composed exterior and the untamed instincts that lie beneath the surface.

The song opens by acknowledging the innate animalistic nature within every person. It refers to the presence of a beast, a lion, and darkness—symbols that represent the primal, instinctual aspects residing within the human psyche. This primal essence is juxtaposed with societal norms and the façade people often maintain to conceal their true nature.

The lines “Smile to hide away your fangs / Speak to keep your secrets” vividly capture the idea of masking one’s true self, using a smile as a cover for the hidden, primal instincts lurking within. The notion of speaking to maintain secrecy further reinforces the idea of a concealed inner world.

The repetition of “You are just one urge away / Till you can be unleashed” suggests the constant struggle to contain these primal urges and the precarious balance between societal expectations and the untamed self. The song emphasizes that despite efforts to suppress these instincts, they remain an integral part of one’s identity, lurking beneath the surface, waiting to be unleashed.

The imagery of “Deep inside those blue eyes / Darkness lurks within” portrays the depth of these primal instincts, hinting that even within the seemingly calm exterior, there exists a profound darkness—an aspect that cannot be hidden from oneself. The song concludes with a repetition of the acknowledgment of this inherent animalistic nature, emphasizing that it’s an intrinsic part of who we are and cannot be escaped or denied.

Overall, ‘Animal’ poignantly captures the internal conflict between the societal mask individuals wear and the primal instincts they harbor within, reminding listeners of the complex and multifaceted nature of human beings. The lyrics and imagery create a compelling narrative that invites introspection and contemplation about the duality of human existence.

As anticipation mounts, Backstrom unveils more of his sonic narrative – ‘Train Wreck’, is set to grace our ears on January 7th, followed by the album, ‘The Carousel’, on January 16th. In Backstrom’s musical universe, every note is a chapter, every melody a story waiting to be told. Listen. Absorb. Immerse yourself in Backstrom’s world. ‘Animal’ is ready to spin you through a tapestry of emotions and melodies that resonate with the human soul.

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