Diego Borrero: “Llevarte Muy Lejos” – a bouncy musical soundscape and uplifting, melodic voice!

Originally from Cali, Colombia Diego Borrero was exposed to music at a young age by listening to his father’s vinyl record collection where he would not only learn about Latin based music but that of the world. He picked up his first guitar aged 12 and formed his first punk rock band at 15. In adult life Diego ventured to France, enriching his music palette even more before relocating to Washington D.C., where he has been building his musical profile and career.

Diego Borrero’s latest single release “Llevarte Muy Lejos” is described as, “a start, a new journey, a new project, a new life. It portrays the ‘Aha moment’ that breaks inertia and takes us to where we want to be.” Borrero is a real artist, in the true meaning of the word. Here is a singer-songwriter who has actually taken his heart out from inside, is holding it in his hand to share it with the rest of the world. That’s how he writes.

Diego Borrero
Diego Borrero

For sure you’re bound to fall in love with “Llevarte Muy Lejos”. For those of you expecting “typical” Latin music, think again. Yes the influences and flavors are there, which is what gives the song more oomph, but Diego has a decidedly universal pop-rock sound.

This track, or should I say this artist, makes you feel alive and brings a certain hope or faith that a new love or life can still exist and that sometimes all we need is to push the boundaries and turn events around positively.

There’s a sense of hope that all of this is just around the corner. And even though this may not yet be true in your life, at least this song will tell you can. I don’t speak Spanish, but I sense this emotion from Diego Borrero’s bouncy musical soundscape and his uplifting, melodic voice.

Diego Borrero is not just a singer, the musical structures he writes are absolute catchy and are as impressive as the musical arrangement and production. Obviously I’m quite sold on Borrero and I simply defy anyone who listens to “Llevarte Muy Lejos” not to enjoy it almost as much as I do, regardless of your affinity for Spanish!

 He’s got real talent and an ability to communicate his feelings that transcends any language barriers.


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