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DAV!D&CLARA: “Emotion Machine” -Music That Encapsulates a Mood in its Entirety

DAV!D&CLARA is an independent electronic-industrial music act out of the Phoenix area. David Castillo aka DAV!D, while CLARA is David’s computer! Castillo was inspired to become a musician and write songs after seeing Gwen Stefani’s music video for her 2004 solo single “What you waiting for?”.

David says that he is heavily influenced by 1980’s music and vocally self-taught, and by singing along to Roisin Murphy’s “Overpowered” album. The artist who also writes all his own lyrics and composes the music is also motivated by Nine Inch Nails.

A few months ago, DAV!D&CLARA released his (their?) album “Emotion Machine”, which took 2 years to reach completion.

The album does what only intensely interesting music can do well. DAV!D&CLARA create music that encapsulates a mood in its entirety. This, to me, is a tremendous feat that few musicians can do effectively.

DAV!D&CLARA mixes atmospheric, grunge-type baritone vocals that could belong to the Stone Temple Pilots or Pearl Jam, over electronic synth rhythms that sound like they come directly from Gary Numan’s  heyday 80’s new wave era. This is electronic industrial without the big bombastic drums. The percussive rhythms are synth-induced and held up by a plethora of riffs and hooks, while the drums play a largely supporting role in the mix.

The key feature of “Emotion Machine” is without a doubt David Castillo’s voice. Brimming with energy, inspiration, and pathos, the vocals create an album that is as intense as it is engaging.The end result is very much a unique sound.

DAV!D&CLARA is enough of an artist to have both an original voice and be fairly accessible at the same time. He has strong melodies and lyrics, with enough depth to reward repeat listens. And you’ll require repeat listens to fully appreciate this album. For all its accessibility, if you’re a mainstream radio listener, you’ll still need to get over the diverse rhythms, song structures and almost total absence of song-sweetening vocal harmonies.

The entire album is a welcome distraction from the music currently being produced today. DAV!D&CLARA’s brilliance shines through the melancholy  and esoteric atmosphere of his music.“Emotion Machine” is definitely one of those albums that grow on you. The more you listen to it, the more its sound and lyrics start to make sense.

If you are looking for something with a new direction then you will not be disappointed.  Songs like “Molly”, “Hope”, “Fame and Fortune”, “Don’t You Want To Be Famous” or “Getting Lost In Those Eyes” will give you a good idea of the sound an epic scope of DAV!D&CLARA’s work.

“Emotion Machine” may perhaps not catch the mainstream eye due to its eclectic sound imagery, however, it is unique and a brilliant artistic feat for an emerging artist.

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