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  2. 2


    i love herrrrrrrrrrrrr she is amazing! i am so happy i am following her since 2013 on x Factor,she was amazing! and she is doing really great! her song is on top 20 on itunes since May 🙂

  3. 3

    Liza nolie 1510

    All you’ve mentioned above were all amazing true about Dami Im except you’ve forgot to mentioned about her solid & supportive DamiArmy ‘s whose never give up on her endlessly .

  4. 4

    Julio Salinas

    I wish that every Australian media outlet, pickup and reprint this great review of Dami Im.

    1. 4.1

      Ctll Leong

      Julio, Not only in Australia, hope media in many other countries especially in US pick up and reprint this fantastic review and many people in the world get to know how talented and beautiful Dami is!

  5. 5


    Lovely review which describes why Dami Im has the potential to become the next International, World Class mega star….humble, down to earth yet musically gifted with the right spirit to use her Super talent’s to help & inspire people….xxx

  6. 6

    Ctll Leong

    I hope with this wonderful and true review of Dami more people will find out how great Dami is and will follow and support her.

  7. 7


    I am a hugh fan of Dami since her performance of Purple Rain.

  8. 8

    mark winter

    Anything dami im does is simply outstanding Incredible best singer “LIVE” ive seen and heard in a long time pitch perfect notes as well as very Highly talented inspiring young lady. Love heerrrrr
    Dami im xx

  9. 9

    Mr Anderson

    Nice review!

  10. 10

    stephen podesta

    I love this review, yes Dami im is the most amazing person and an amazing artist. November 2015 is where we are now and what has Sony Music done with Dami im. They have not shown her to the world as suggested in this review, in fact Dami is in Limbo. Why because Sony Music have done very little to promote her Music anywhere, not even here in Australia. In fact Damis Birthday was never even mentioned on there website in October until her Fans alerted them to it, this is the legacy that Sony have left.
    We have the best artist to come out of this Country in Years and Dami languishes in the Shadows because of Sony Musics neglect. All I can say is Shame on Sony Music.


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