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Dami Im: “SuperLove” From Australia’s X Factor Winner!

Dami Im on The X Factor Australia 2013 was certainly the best singer in the cast. Her versions of Mariah Carey’s “Hero” and Prince’s “Purple Rain still causes the hair to stand up on the back of my neck, but what Dami has going for her, more than anything else is a killer personality. She is like your little sister who is just so eager and happy to sing and perform, that you have to root for her. And when she belts out any tune she does it with enough theatrical flair and pitch-perfect notes, to make just about anyone pay attention and recognize her huge potential.

Dami Im’s latest single, “SuperLove”, which is available 3 versions – Pop, Acoustic & Remix (7th Heaven Remix), gives glimmers of that potential. She doesn’t go for total power notes all throughout the song versions to try and continually impress listeners, but rather, she delivers just enough power to let you know that she’s able to SING!

What “SuperLove” is heavy on, is Pop-savvy created by a sassy production team. It gives her single a current sound. Its changing tempos, varied vocal intensities and anthemic chorus lines will get stuck in your head after the first few beats. Plus there is a tempting sugary sweetness to the song that’ll work for parents and kids alike.

Since wetting fans’ appetites with her X Factor Australia performances in 2013, Dami Im has been looking to inch her way into the international pop music scene. For many major talent show winners, the début record is a hit-or-miss situation; take for example American Idol – Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry scored platinum, multi-million selling débuts, while Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee disappointed in sales.

Throughout X Factor, Dami showed freshness, polish, professionalism, and an astounding voice that could very well end up making her the best artist the show has ever had. However, rising above the ‘talent show winner’ enigma is a daunting task. Over and above the required artistic skills, it necessitates a strong will and character to push on through to the next level, where expectations are extremely high and the slightest errors are not permitted.

Dami Im falls slap-bang into the middle of the required spectrum.  She has a beautiful voice and is incredibly talented. Furthermore from what I can gather, she is blessed with a gracious character and a determined willpower. Not to be underestimated is Dami’s loyal and supportive family, above all her husband Noah. More often than not, family and private interpersonal relationships have a significant impact on an up-and-coming artist’s ability to affront a successful, professional career in music.

Prior to winning X Factor Australia 2013, Dami was voluntarily singing for various charitable groups, organizations, sporting events and corporate functions. Something she has continued to do even after her X Factor victory. Dami is also the face of the Iconic Alannah Hill fashion label and has formed a partnership with Nintendo (Aus) – Tomodachi Life.

Dami (and husband Noah’s) biggest love though, is to help people, and prior to X Factor they were both sponsoring children from South Africa, Mexico and India. Since winning X Factor, Dami has also become the Ambassador for Compassion; confirming once more that Dami Im has ALL the requisites to be an international star- both morally and artistically.

There can be no doubt that fans often look up to, and mimic today’s great singing divas like Beyoncè, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry etc. Wouldn’t it just be great if they had a positive and uplifting role-model and sumptuous singing talent like Dami Im to follow!

I’m rooting for her success, starting from now!


More About DAMI IM:

  •  Prior to her wining Australian X-Factor 2013, DAMI:-
  • Started playing Piano at 5 yrs age & by 10 was already playing like a concert pianist
  • Migrated to Australia at aged 9 from South Korea & at 11 yrs age studied at the Young Conservatorium of Music Program at Griffith University
  •  2010 released her Album “Dream” to raise funds for her local Church
  • National Finalist of the Yamaha Youth Piano competition
  • Won the Nora Baird Scholarship & Queensland Piano competition several times during her Teenage schooling years
  • Worked as a Piano/Vocalist Teacher prior to entering XFactor 2013 (Australia) & was singing for her local Church in Brisbane & in South Korea, singing Jazz & Classical music for various charitable groups
  • 2006- University of Queensland School of Music piano prize , Dean’s Commendation List for High Achievement
  • 2007- Dean’s Commendation List for High Achievement
  • 2008- UQ School of Music Piano prize, Dean’s Commendation List for High Achievement
  • 2009- 4MBS Musica Viva Sid Page Memorial Prize in Chamber Music as part of chamber group ‘Ebony    Trio’ Placed in the Lev Vlassenko Competition- an internationally recognized, prestigious competition held biannually in Brisbane. Dean’s Commendation List for High Achievement, Faculty of Arts Scholar, Bachelor of Music, Passed with First Class Honours student in Bachelor of Music
  • 2013- Dami Im won X Factor wowing the entire audience and Judges with a standing ovation from her very first Audition and continuing to do so every week.




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