D-Simmons: “Face It” is self-assertive and positive, which will uplift and motivate you

D-Simmons is an independent and self-produced hip-hop artist recording in Clearwater, Florida. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Recording Arts program at St. Petersburg College and he recently released his new music video, “Face It”, as well as the high-quality mp3 single download.


The song is expansive, spirited, and different. Even from a production standpoint, this is a huge leap above the usual independent and underground rap I listen to. I love how warm the string instrumentation and overall mix is. The synths, and especially the drums, just sparkle, perfectly mixing with well-produced vocals that aren’t dizzyingly compressed.

D-Simmons has evolved in his craft and you can pick this up just by listening to some older songs in his catalog. His beats are better, while his lyrics and flow are much sharper. This is evident on the still to be released, “Dollaz” as it is on “Too Real”, and the “Face It” single, in comparison to, let’s say, “Obsession”, a song from 2 years ago. Like other good, growing artists you can hear a definite change in D-Simmons’ music with each passing release.

D-Simmons mixes all kinds of emotions into his songs, from funny to controversial and angry to positive and so forth. That’s why he comes across as such a strong lyricist and rapper notwithstanding the fact that he’s still a relatively young artist. The style and music on “Face It” is self-assertive and positive, which will uplift, motivate, and put you in a good frame of mind.


Of course, over and above his rapping style, flow or rhymes, is the fact that D-Simmons produces his own beats – an essential and rare plus sign in his bag of potential artistic tricks. Considering that ninety nearly percent of rappers rely on external beat-makers to complete their sonic package, this is indeed a distinguishing factor for any hip-hop artist.

Producing his own beats consolidates and enhances the cohesiveness of D-Simmons’ musical pieces, meaning words and music are crafted and bound together by the same mind and soul, for complete unity of intent. This clearly happens on “Face It”, and the song is so much better for it!

A word of commendation should also go to Tucker Doucette, who directed and edited the official video of the song. Though simple in its execution, the footage has been well shot and synced to the music, as well as holding up the song’s theme and storyline exceptionally well.


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