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CodeMan: “Army of One” – Raw Honesty and Tremendous Creativity!

Cody Ryan Stephenson, better known by his stage name, CodeMan, is a White-American rapper, audio engineer and songwriter from the small town of Kalkaska, Michigan. CodeMan began rapping writing and recording music at age 15 and gained local notoriety by performing original songs during his high school dances and at local concert venues.

International radio personality, Crisco Kidd, has hosted alongside CodeMan at various cancer fundraisers, as well as hosted CodeMan’s mixtape, The Heart of Hip-Hop. “I support this man. He has a vision dreams and heart. Since day one I could see the determination in CodeMan’s eyes. I have felt his story and I want to see my man win and that’s exactly what he’s doing. He is the definition of ‘determination.’”

Born with a congenital heart defect, CodeMan underwent seven open-heart surgeries throughout the first eighteen years of his life. In 2007, he suffered a forty-minute seizure, resulting in cardiac arrest. As a survivor, one of his biggest goals as an artist is to start a charity in his name and helping children with heart conditions similar to his own. He is President of a non-profit organization, The Heart of Music Foundation, from the Traverse City, Michigan area.

CodeMan has performed shows with Chiddy Bang, Ying Yang Twins, Lil’ Flip, Paul Wall, Drew32, Whitney Peyton and more. He has also appeared in various media sources such as MTV, Billboard, Pitchfork, Rolling Stones, Vibe, XXLMag, The Source, Pandora and YoungMoneyHQ .

CodeMan just released his second digital worldwide album, “Army of One.” Raw honesty and tremendous creativity are two of the most striking aspects of this body of work, in which CodeMan clearly held nothing back.

In terms of it being a hip-hop album, the lyrical content and track selection are both amazing. CodeMan touches on common issues that we face daily, as well as the health hardships that he has had to overcome, in arriving thus far. His music is from the heart. His songs are about personal experiences and struggles that he has been through.  Often we may feel that we are the only ones who have experienced particular issues but CodeMan’s lyrics are a clear declaration that we are not alone and we can do most things if only we believe and push forward enough. In short, this is a great album if you need to be uplifted.

The subject matter in songs like, “Army of One (Soldier)”, “10%”, “If U (feat. J-Bird)”, “Food for Thought” and “Hero (feat. Jilly Mae)”, is encouraging, challenging, and refreshing at the same time. The beats are innovative and the piano intros give each song an extraordinary organic sound and tone. It almost goes without saying that CodeMan’s lyricism is truly strong, while his rhyme style and flow is top notch!

The album finds further strength with the truth in CodeMan’s lyrics and the fact that, as Executive Producer,  he doesn’t dress up the songs or the beats to be anything more than who he really is.

He gives great perspective into his life and daily existence in general. Overall his rhymes are tight and real. Everyone can relate to what CodeMan is talking about on “Army of One”. Highly recommend!

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