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CMplex and Eon MC Etc. – Creativity and Coherence, “Heroes in Exile” Has it All!

“Heroes in Exile” is the first in a series of EP’s being released by the United Statements Record Label. This particular EP features two emcees by the names of CMplex and Eon MC EtcCMplex, is originally from Los Angeles and Eon MC Etc. is originally from Lawton, Oklahoma. Both emcees are part of a network of artists that pride themselves on being social and political activists while expressing common views through music.

Creativity and coherence, “Heroes in Exile” has it all. This is one of the best put together Hiphop Ep’s  I have heard in a long time. CMplex and Eon MC Etc. speak for the disenfranchised and vulnerable through their lyrics, in a hip-hop world filled with absolute nonsense, blatant ignorance, and bling bling mindlessness.

CMplex and Eon MC Etc. counter punch with an Ep full of unequivocal social and political blows that leave you listening for more. Amidst the flashy, materialist, candy coated hip hop of today “Heroes in Exile” call to action couldn’t come at a better time.

Laced with fiery messages, banging base lines and great lyrical flow, tracks like “Rock”, “Victory”, “The Oppisite” and “I No Likey” are fueled with enough content to spark a revolution. CMplex and Eon MC Etc. invigorate many issues that have long been perceived as dead. From minority oriented themes to broader perspectives, they make convincing arguments for government conspiracies, immigration and discrimination to broken homes, faith and hope, showing that they’re deserving of reaching a much larger audience.

 This album pushes the envelope with its unapologetic sociopolitical commentary on modern society. CMplex and Eon MC Etc. are well informed emcees who seek to combat ignorance and apathy with raw, powerful and emotional lyrics.

For anyone looking for something that steps outside the banality of typical mainstream rap and actually has something to say, then the rhymes and verses on “Heroes in Exile” might be exactly what you’re looking for.

To make your choice even easier, the beats are innovative and exciting too! CMplex and Eon MC Etc. convey their message with powerful flows that grab your attention. Mix that with some serious head nodding beats, and you got yourself a great Ep.

In a nutshell, this music is absolutely awesome! You just gotta stop reading reviews and go listen!





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