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“CA$H”: mDJr Has an Eclectic Style Which Trapezes from Hip Hop to Pop and Dance with Fluid Ease

mDJr is an artist/producer from Hamden, CT. His musical history consists primarily of rock and pop-based musical acts. However, he took a keen liking to hip-hop in 2012, and started producing beats and writing hip-hop/rap songs. Growing up with an aspiring rapper (father) and constantly being in the midst of head-bopping hip-hop tunes was all it took to unlock the potential of mDJr, who somehow humbly boasts the ability to write a hit song in any given instant. His first three singles “Another Round”, “Bad”, and “Yeah Yeah Yeah” have gotten a tremendous response from listeners.

A truly multi-talented artist knows no creative boundaries. This is the case with mDJr the 21 year old Hamden native. “CA$H” heralds the arrival of a new urban pop talent. The song is really well done. It’s groovy, charming and effortless.

However it’s not the only song that works for mDJr. Almost every song in his catalog, available on Soundcloud, contains catchy music, good lyrics, and importantly, they don’t all sound alike. The moment a song begins, you can tell instantly what track it is simply because the music is that distinct, even if it’s a remix!

While “CA$H” perfects his sound; combining a great beat and a mainstream sound for an almost perfect urban pop formula, each production in the mDJr catalog is catchy, makes you want to dance, and uplifts you. This happens with “Make Me”, “AfricaElectronica”, “Get Right Muzik”, “Velvet Dreams” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, just to name a few.mDJr’s songs are jam packed with energy and feel fresh.

I’ve had quite some time to listen to each track now, coming to the conclusion that mDJr is a talented producer and artist. He experiments with different tones and sounds and shows us that he’s a multi-faceted character that isn’t going to just be some boring, dull, hiphop or pop artist.

mDJr has an eclectic style which trapezes from Hip Hop to Pop and Dance with fluid ease, sometimes all in the same track! His songs are hook-laden and colorful, and if “CA$H” is anything to go by, we are in for a thrilling ride with future releases!







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