BIGSAM – “Big Difference” – music that bangs, grooves and brings a vibe!

As a pure technical rapper, BIGSAM is breathtaking. He understands the concept of flow like few others. He knows how to rattle off syllables with astonishing clarity while staying in the beat’s pocket and maintaining a calm, conversational presence. He brings granular detail and clear authentic delight to his real-life stories. Once you lock into what BIGSAM is saying, you find out that he is an instinctive and unflinching writer. The independent artist from Tuskegee Alabama, who is also 1/3 of the Laundrymat Fam project, has released his single, “Big Difference”.

BIGSAM is a master emcee. He really sets the scene in “Big Difference”, perfectly matching the banging cinematic soundtrack. This track is exactly what you would expect out of this craftsman in the best way possible.

What makes this project so special is at his core, BIGSAM will not bend or break for what is popping. He has earned his stripes doing exactly what works for him. There isn’t a beat BIGSAM can’t slaughter or a sonic formula he can’t create that won’t leave you with neck pain from excessive head nodding.

Clichés never sound like clichés when BIGSAM delivers them with artful inventiveness. He just knows what he’s doing. Here he lets his soul bleed all over the dark and melancholic production, where the hi-hat’s skitter and the 808’s rumble like thunder.

Now, I do not want to make an outlandish statement, but this particular single project has forced me to.  Everything about “Big Difference” is near perfect. First of all, the beat is immaculate, giving the track a booming underbelly while allowing BIGSAM to seamlessly do what he does best.

The juxtaposition of the smooth pounding production and BIGSAM’s resonant voice work perfectly in tandem. BIGSAM always perfects his tracks with flows that are extremely catchy and entertaining while having lyrics that stand out at the same time.

That formula stays the same on “Big Difference”. Here he again makes a triumphant effort at filling his bars with enough verbiage and vocabulary to give all of the song’s meaning to the listener.

“Big Difference” demonstrates a determined soul, and one committed to having a voice in an over-crowded and often indistinctive genre. The song asserts precisely why BIGSAM is a voice to be heeded, offering an excellent showcase of his talent as a real-life commentator.

BIGSAM stands out above his colleagues, in his ability to transform a few minutes of music into something enthralling. He thrives, finding pockets of rhythm to ride over that truly hook the listener.

In an age where it seems that most entertainment is simply targeting our wallets, artists like BIGSAM continue to make music that bangs, grooves and brings a vibe they thoroughly enjoy making. BIGSAM’s intonation, straightforwardness, and hunger for the microphone, is what ultimately drives “Big Difference”.

His flow and lyrical ideals, paired with the beat, make for a great hip-hop track, which is mind-opening, vibe-inducing and obviously excellent. BIGSAM is one of those guys that make rap look easy.



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Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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