AUS10: “Away” almost hypnotizes the listener

AUS10 is a rap and hip-hop artist from Los Angeles. His latest project, the mixtape “10PM”, is the result of months of hard work and determination. AUS10 definitely falls into the new wave of rappers. An upcoming young breed of bold and brash emcees ready to take over the game with blistering beats and stunning style. But unlike his contemporaries, technically AUS10 can really rap, with or without the glossy auto-tune effects. His lyrical urges are expressed through fiery, visceral raps and energy-heavy choruses. It feels rare and pure.

At a first glance “10PM” has a lot of straightforwardness to it, but this is what makes AUS10 who he is. This mixtape seems to be an extension and more improved version of some of his earlier music.  AUS10has a talent for making mesmerizing lyrics and hooks, along with his energetic voice that set you in a trance, a perfect artist if you’re having a night out, or even the night in, with a pair good headphones. Perhaps the most mesmerizing song on the entire mixtape is the opener “Away”. The beat is mystical sounding, with some high hats and a deep bass boom throughout it.

In the chorus AUS10 repeats “I’ve got some goodness I’m feeling inside, and I’m praying and hoping this feeling will never go way,” that induces a very heavy dreamy trance-like high. It’s not hard to compare AUS10 to some of his lyrical peers who also have songs that delve into life experiences that shape them.

AUS10 has a similar style of storytelling rapping with plenty of lyrical depth. You’ll love how AUS10 can create so many emotions and almost hypnotize the listener with such straightforward, but clever rhyming in a song like “Away”.

Despite the current popular mumble rap scene, AUS10 is different compared to most artists right now. His is gaining momentum in his own lane, which is proof the artist is doing things right. “Away” is a track that feasts on its impressive production and AUS10’s magnetic, energizing and infectious rhymes.

It’s also a song that is the embodiment of modern charisma, like the rest of the mixtape project. Obviously intended to be a serious introduction to the industry, for the artist, credit has to be given to AUS10’s innovation and impeccable ear for beats.

“Away” is a song that is free-flowing while making some positive statements. Like most of the other tracks on the mixtape, its main focus is expressing the personality and thoughts of the emcee and being as gripping as possible.

AUS10 succeeded, but it appears that he still wanted to take it up another notch. Hence he created a sonic world where it matters as much what he says, as to how he says it. Everything about this project just works to the point where there is not much to criticize unless the spell does not work on you.

There is a triumphant energy, while AUS10’s vocals fuse with the instrumental insanely well. Overall, the sound of “Away” captures the spirit of the new wave of rap and hip-hop in an imaginative way.


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