AR.change.L: “USED 2 THE DARKNESS” brings an introspective look into the perspective of reality!

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, AR.change.L is an acronym for Art Rhymes Change Life, whose built a reputation for performing at several prestigious venues in New York City like CBGB’s, The Pyramid, and SOB’s, recording music with 9th Prince of Killarmy (Wu Tang Clan) and AKIR, and being featured on Jay Z’s Life+Times blog. And none of it happened overnight. “I used to get bullied a lot when I was young,” he explains. “I grew up in a pretty rough area. At 12 years old, I could only fight back so much. So I used hip hop as my voice…”


ArtRhymesCHANGELife’s latest project USED 2 THE DARKNESS has taken 6 years of experiences and reflection to create. Its premise is rooted in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, which illustrates that a person’s reality is relative to what they have been exposed to. “There are some people who have never left a 20 block radius of their neighborhood and to them this is the only reality they will ever know. It’s important to show how your perspective paints your reality,” says AR.change.L.

AR.change.L is hands down one of the most talented underground hip hop artists out there. His voice is exceptional, the lyrical content of his songs is exceptional, containing deep meanings and most of all his flow is beyond being on point. AR.change.L is very articulate as he rhymes telling it how it is.

AR.change.L delivers a unique and creative sound with USED 2 THE DARKNESS, his second solo studio album. He uses a unique concept – an experimental concept – to bring an introspective look into the perspective of reality. AR.change.L’s superb lyricisms, along with the gritty yet calming tone of his voice, compliment his subject-matter well, regardless of the subject. The album features consistent, versatile production that works well with AR.change.L’s voice and is sonically pleasing. The features are spot-on too and include notable appearances from NIRO, Dying Seed, Wordsworth, Vision NDNS and AKIR.


My favorite songs on this album are: Tearz of Blood (ft. NIRO) (prod. ArtRhymesCHANGELife), The Working Poor (feat. Wordsworth) (prod. ArtRhymesChangeLife), Off the Grid (ft. Vision NDNS) (prod. ArtRhymesCHANGELife), Black Hawk Down (prod. ArtRhymesCHANGELife), Just a Man (Prod. Dark Half), and Witness (prod. ArtRhymesCHANGELife). But the entire album is extremely enjoyable and deep, I didn’t want to skip a single track during my first listen; and there is something for everyone, for every mood. These are simply the standout tracks, in my opinion, which you should check out if you’re still on the edge because they just might catch your ear.

Of the album, AR.change.L say he wrote stories of the children stuck in the hood, soldiers with PTSD, and working people trying to make ends meet. Some of the songs on the record also draw inspiration from personal his personal experiences. Having struggled with Borderline Personality Disorder for years, the track My Awakening (prod. dCsoulplusmind), describes him breaking out of the negative cycle of depression and paranoia. All in all – the lyricism, the production, the features – USED 2 THE DARKNESS is a refreshing rap album with originality, plenty of gems and a deep-seated theme that will unfold in your mind, track after track. AR.change.L has an incredibly promising career, and has earned himself a dedicated fan here. Don’t miss out on this album, especially if you’re a true fan of the genre, and I don’t mean the stuff you here on mainstream radio!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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