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Acqualand: “Utopia Beats for the Future” -Rhythmical, Textured and Very Distinct

There is not much we know about music Producer Acqualand, except that he states his “family was involved in the solar sound 70’s such as the silvers grew up around 70’s funk all my life and classic rock blues. I have a passion for all music. I hope that it can still change the world.”

A few months back Acqualand released his nine-track album, “Utopia Beats for the Future”.  The beats on this set are solid. It covers R&B, alternative and ambient sounds nicely. From the blazing intro “DMT” to the hypnotic closer, “Strarship”, the album bumps, jumps,  and does just about everything else in-between. If you love cool instrumental production and great music altogether, you will surely enjoy this album.

The infectious, club-ready “Saturn Reigns”, clearly shines on the album, along with the trance-zapped “Transhumans” and the soulful and beat-bumping “Deadly Mutations”. With little filler, virtually every song on here is a keeper. Other must-listen tracks are “Radiations”, the dazzling “El-Muur-Ians” and the mellow (yet lifting) “Blemishes”.

When dudes like Acqualand drop an album, you pretty much know already that the focus is on the beats. Basically, “Utopia Beats for the Future” is a showcase for Acqualand’s beats. And the beats on this album don’t disappoint. It’s a great addition to your collection.

Acqualand delivers hard beats, smooth beats, mid tempo, and any other kind of beat you can think of, all wrapped up in a genuinely, unique style.

His mission may be to blow up the boundaries and tear down the limits as he is taking his beats outside of the box. Acqualand is at a place where it was all about the sound, not about the labels on the sound. With “Utopia Beats for the Future” he is staying ahead of the curve with his originality and experimentation. His goal appears to be, to blow the listener’s mind and make them move to the beat.

This collection best showcases his versatility. In the end “Utopia Beats for the Future” is an album that should entertain and impress anyone wondering what Acqualand beats sounds like.

The production soundscapes of Acqualand are rhythmical, textured, and very distinct. Listening to this on a subwoofer-equipped stereo system reveals some serious juicy tones.  While running light on samples, Acqualand concentrates on pushing the artistic envelope through beats that effectively craft an identity for him. You can pretty much rap anything over these beats and it will be tight!

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