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Above & Beyond Stands Out As A Progression to K3vin Envoy’s Ever Expanding Electronic Music Legacy

As a remix artist, K3vin Envoy’s tracks were extraordinary; as a producer, he’s unstoppable with his numerous new single releases. The new sound imprint is gaining international momentum and is producing a buzz; one has to wonder, “What it’s all about?” It’s about the music and the fans and what they want to hear and right now, they’re listening to K3vin Envoy. So, Envoy’s stepping up the “EDM Bar” with heart felt music trends that listeners want to hear. K3vin Envoy’s success and a new generation of listeners is what his sound is all about, celebrating great music output.

K3vin has released his new single, Above & Beyond and the pre-release news article announcing the single, got more than 1000 positive votes on the Jamsphere Music Magazine alone! An unprecedented result for an up-and-coming EDM music producer, on one of indie’s most authoritative music magazines!

On the single, Above & Beyond, K3vin electrifies with his piano and synth driven symphonic highs, deep bass fills, and storming beats throughout. This release definitely brings a new spirit that is almost Pure Electronic Music! It is filled with a lot of tasty layered textures that will have you totally captivated.

In a genre that is filled with a lot of generic progressive house music and repetitive club music, K3vin Envoy stands out as an electronic artist bringing something fresh to the table on each new release. He is like a collection of multi-genre premium producers all rolled into one; able to shoot off in any direction his creativity takes him.

As far as comparisons to his previous music, I’ll say that this single stands out as a progression to K3vin Envoy’s ever expanding electronic music legacy.

Above & Beyond takes no prisoners, cranking out some delicious and heavy electronica with an incredibly ranged melody, as once again K3vin proves to be very creative and exciting. You’ll love the sound that blares through your speakers. Your head will be bobbing and your feet moving. Work will go by faster as you get lost into the sounds that make you smile.

K3vin Envoy begins with a bang and ends with a crescendo, earning himself 5 stars for Above & Beyond. Though I expect my angry and unpleasant neighbors downstairs, to probably only give it 1 star tomorrow morning -due to me playing it all through the night at peak volume!!!

Website: http://www.k3vinenvoy.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/k3vinenvoy
Twitter: www.twitter.com/K3vinenvoy
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/k3vin_envoy
Tumblr: http://fuckyeahenvoy.tumblr.com/
iTunes and Amazon: K3vin Envoy

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