Young Blues Guitarist – Kyle Roberts

Music and art have been Kyle’s passions his entire life.

Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts

Born just 16 years ago on April 28 in 1998 in Park Ridge, IL Kyle Roberts has proven to have God given talents from the moment he took his first breath. Every childhood milestone came easy to the big blue eyed young man. He walked at 7 months and could speak in complete sentences before his first birthday. By the age of 2 he was drawing intricate pictures detailing the constant momentum of his ever-creative mind.

Music and art have been Kyle’s passions his entire life. He would surround himself with tunes from every genre from every decade as he lost himself in deep thought and artistic expression. It was that creative oasis which provided a protective bubble for him when in 2005 he lost his Grandmother to an unexpected death and in the months to follow his parents’ marriage fell apart resulting in a divorce.

His emotions played out in his art as from that point on he and his older brother Justin were raised in a single mother household – going from a middle class family to surviving under the poverty line in what felt like overnight.

kyle-roberts-400Entering the 6th grade Kyle decided he would take up and learn the trumpet, a feat that came easily although he cannot read music. A few years later a friend of his mother’s gave him a First Act electric guitar that she had lying around her house. Although that guitar was worn and had seen better days, to Kyle it was a dream come true. From the moment he picked it up he has not let a guitar out of his hands – self-taught with a natural ear for music Kyle would soon find himself stunning those around him with his ability.

Although others may be impressed by his musical talents Kyle is one who always strives for perfection with the determination of a seasoned professional. When he is not playing music he is creating the instruments. For the last year Kyle has been designing and making cigar box guitars having sold his second one made for $100. Those who meet the lad have always remarked that deep inside him resides an old soul. Kyle currently lives in Mauston, WI, with his mother Eva Marie Woywod, and his brother Justin. Kyle attends iLEAD Charter School.


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