Vito Storm is steadily carving a spot for herself as a rap artist to be taken seriously

Born in Lansing, MI, raised in Germany and grew up in Pontiac, MI., her diverse background shines in diversity within her music and brash linguistics. Vito Storm is a hot female artist who writes all her rhymes based on life experiences. Expressive through her lines of versatility. She released an EP in 2019, and now she is back swinging in from the shadows with a full 18 song album “Goin Rogue”, which dropped in Dec. 2020. Which means 2021 is going to be interesting from this private labeled, indie artist.

In her single, “Look at Me” taken from the album “Goin Rogue”, Vito Storm is more versatile than ever. Her audacious knack for wordplay and her ability to go from chill, mellifluous vocals to intense verses, cements her voice as what sets her sound apart. The song blends a clever mix of different styles, and showcases stellar vocals and rhyming. It’s a justification of why she deserves attention.

The mood on “Look at Me” is sumptuous and sensual as Vito Storm, along with her male counterpart sings over a mid-tempo-groove. Overall, the track oozes feminine power and proves that Vito Storm is truly a master of versatility, as she uses every second of this record to showcase her talents. Vito Storm is steadily carving a spot for herself as a rap artist to be taken seriously. Her vocal technique is a cut above others in her class, making her point loud and clear.

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