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Two Fifty One: “Cruzin” -A Preamble to Bigger and Better Things!

Cruzin’ is a track that fits right in with what is considered popular hip hop and rap right now. The flow of the track is great and the added harmonized hook fits in perfectly! I found myself looking for something wrong with the track and it didn’t exist. For the most part is a very chill song and has its own unique style that touches on what’s the norm of music today. Such things as, playing with the audio sound of the lyrics and all rappers having their own style of flow with the lyrics. You have a lot of indie artists today that are trying to mimic the same sound but not too many can pull it off like Two Fifty One did. The only thing that I would suggest is just a little more emphasis in the delivery so peeps will feel what they feel in the track. It’s a perfect way to capture your listeners into what you are thinking when you write the lyrics. Other than that it’s not much more that it needs.

The beat was on-point, video is on-point and the overall sound is better than good. The track is easy on the ears and has the ability to cross over to many ears. It wasn’t heavily filled with derogatory statements insinuating the use of drugs or bashing females or anything. It was subtle and that’s the type of music that you need to make today to have longevity in the game. If you want radio spins from BDS commercial and online stations, you need to make music like this or at least a clean and dirty version. If this track was to be uploaded to a record pool, I’m almost certain that the feedback would be phenomenal. Or you’d have a bunch of people saying, “oh they’re trying to sound like this person or that person or whatever. I say they sound like Two Fifty One.


It’s definitely a change to what’s so popular in mainstream music today due to the fact that the track actually had a story-line. And we all know that is what’s missing in the game today. Everyone is so focused on the beat that they have gotten away from the fact that the best rappers are the ones that tell stories. Stories that keep drawing the fans back in to listen to what an artist has to say next. That’s a good trait for Two Fifty One and it shouldn’t be changed. Is Two Fifty One’s music able to compete with the industry standard? Yes, of course it is! And let me explain why. A true lyricist finds a way to create a song out of anything due to simply being a very good lyricist. Two Fifty One did a very good job of riding the vocals across the beat, and the content was right in the pocket. The vocals in the mix had clarity even with the switch-ups and everything sat well in the mix. The producer did a damn good job on structuring the instrumental. Two Fifty One did good deciphering it.

Of course I’ve only had the opportunity to review this one track, I’m eager to hear how the others sound. All I can say to Two Fifty One is, “use this track as the preamble to bigger and better things.” Job Well Done Two Fifty One, keep pushing! I can only see things getting much bigger and better for you! Consider putting this track in a record pool to get even more honest feedback. Hip hop isn’t about who can out do who. It’s about who can hold their own and Two Fifty One did exactly that.

(Extract from original Review by B. M. DuBB – A&R for Dubb Spot Records – http://dubbspotrecords.com)


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