TreyDon: “Spartan” (Prod. SOLBOI ) – indulge into a world of smooth, soulful hip-hop

On “Spartan” (Prod. By SOLBOI ), TreyDon’s particular brand of R&B influenced hip-hop is akin to a dark atmospheric soundscape punctuated by a slow pulsing beat and floating vocals. TreyDon’s lyrical creativity and musical talent capture your mind and make you reflect on your own life as well as finding a deeper understanding for others. He uses his music to tell a story and express his inner thoughts and emotions in ways that give will you goose bumps.


On this track, TreyDon’s style sits perfectly in-between Trey Songs and Kid Cudi, as he separates himself from what is typical hip-hop, becoming more of an alternative hip hop artist. It shows an evolution of the artist, from the reverb-injected “Bliss” to the peak of his soulful creative potential on “Spartan”.

SOLBOI’s production also allows the purest vision of what TreyDon is trying to communicate to the listener. If you have never heard of TreyDon before, listen up. You cannot be a shallow, thug beat, hip-hop loving person for his music to speak to you.

Unlike many artists, TreyDon seems to put his life into his performances and lyrics, instead of just the simple technique. That is why you will not hear a wack flow on this track. His singing is his signature and he flows over the beats with an unparalleled elegance.

“Spartan” is not a new direction for TreyDon, or a new sound. It is simply TreyDon, shining better than he ever has before. It is raw emotion and heart coming through the airwaves; if you cannot handle real music with a message and a meaning, stick to the lame-ass mainstream hip-hop where everyone uses the same beat over and over again. But if you want to have an eargasm and indulge into a world of smooth, soulful hip-hop, “Spartan” is a ‘must’ listen!


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