Black/Death Metal sensation Exodikon plunges headfirst into the abyss with their latest music video, “Untermensch”

Hungarian Black/Death Metal sensation Exodikon plunges headfirst into the abyss with their latest music video, “Untermensch,” extracted from their highly lauded album “Chaosophilia,” now available through Wormholedeath (International) and H-Music (Hungary).

“Chaosophilia” delves into the depths of the human psyche, offering a sonic odyssey through the most obscure recesses of the mind. Themes of existential turmoil, bipolarity, and the inherent absurdity of life are expertly woven throughout the album. While not adhering strictly to a concept, “Chaosophilia” instead presents itself as an anthology, guiding listeners through the chaos inherent within each individual. This journey is masterfully depicted through the album’s evocative cover art by Bence Száraz.

For those who have grappled with the burdens of existence and pondered the void, “Chaosophilia” resonates on a profound level. It beckons listeners to embrace their despair, witness the hedonistic descent of others, and confront the ceaseless quest for meaning. Within its haunting melodies, one can feel the flames of existence consuming them, sense the anguish of a soul yet to find completion, and succumb to the intoxicating allure of liberation. It’s an invitation to release the fleeting nature of life and empathize with the suffering of fellow beings.

“Chaosophilia” is not merely a collection of songs but rather a cohesive narrative, seamlessly weaving eight tracks into a singular tapestry of sonic chaos. It’s an exploration of the human condition that resonates deeply with those who dare to confront the darkness within themselves. As Exodikon continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, their latest offering stands as a testament to the transformative power of music. Prepare to be enveloped in the profound depths of “Chaosophilia,” where the boundaries between reality and nightmare blur into one.

“Chaosophilia” is available in Hungarian via H-Music:

“Chaosophilia” (English Version) available here:

 Exodikon Line-up:

Attila István Hekele – Drums

Ferenc Pósfai – Guitar

Gábor Dávid Borhidi – Guitar/vocals

József Pósfai – Bass/vocals

Connect with Exodikon:

Spotify: SpotifyExodikon

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