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The WiFi PR Group Presents “Indie Anthems Vol. 6” – Featuring Top Unsigned Indie Artists

Always ahead of the curve, the WiFi PR Group released the 6th volume of Indie Anthems on June 20th 2014. This version of the ongoing mixtape series was released and distributed to fans and industry attendees at the annual NXNE show in Toronto Canada. As usual the industry curated album features the best of up and coming independent and unsigned artists.

Indie Anthems Volume 6 opens strong with SXTN’s “Got a Hold of Me”, an up-tempo rock/rap hybrid with some decidedly bluesy undertones. It’s the sort of song you’re going to be dancing to in your car while listening but feeling kind of badass at the same time.

“Two Voices” by The Controversy has a perfectly dark romantic creeping sound that feels like it could have been a part of the 1996 mega hitting Romeo & Juliet soundtrack. There is an element of unfolding that occurs throughout he song, both with the beat growing towards the chorus and also with lyrics that open with the intention of changing: “Always been the shy kid/Afraid of judging eyes I is/Following the shadows at night always trying to fit in”

DJ Cavem proves rappers can be environmentally conscious with “Hybrid Lex”, which is literally about pollution and not be able to “breathe the air”; quite a unique concept that goes over on the catchy beat and solid, gentle rapping.


One of the most straight pointing pop songs on the album is Nate Tao’s “Sugar and Spice” which is high energy and cute. There is some interesting vocal stacking with the backup vocals that give the song a slightly theatrical quality and adds to the fun vibe.

We slow down a bit when we get to the piano opening of Rashon Medlock’s breakup jam “Next to You”. His voice has a smooth tone that feels honest when he spills his soul to whoever is trying to leave him on the track.

Romance get a swift uplift with Rod McDonald’s “You’re Already My Wife”, a sweet and somewhat humorous folky song about a man who’s basically love drunk for his wife. What a concept! The paired down acoustic vibe makes it sound personal, like it was just penned in the moment and we happen to be listening in.

 “IJ” (short for inside jive) by the The Afterwhile has a good old rock and roll sound with the occasional folky guitar twang. There is something withheld about the vocals in an intriguing way that makes the song feel mysterious and a little “on the run”. Wherever that train is going, you’re going to want on.

Overall the album is full of emerging talent that reveals hints of older sound inspirations but make something new and unique out of it. There are a lot of songs on the album that read really authentic, and creative talent plus authenticity is the perfect combination to veer music in new directions.

The mixtape is available from Bandcamp as a free download for a limited time.

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