the Producer: “Koast Music” ft. Julianna Mcduffie – pure dance with alternative rock and funk undertones!

The Producer is a 28 year-old, ex DJ turned Producer, originally from Auckland, New Zealand, currently residing in the Gold Coast Australia. The Producer is influenced by Daft Punk, Notorious Big, Queen, Tupac, Elton John, Eminem, and Peter Tosh etc., and he loves mixing styles.

The track “Koast Music” ft. Julianna Mcduffie by the Producer is pure dance with alternative rock and funk undertones and gets you swaying and dancing, whether you’re by yourself or with your main squeeze. The music on this track flows superbly; the synth, rolling bass, the jangly guitar, the drums and female hook singing, together with the quaint spoken lines, all complement each other to create a very oddball groove that is extremely catchy.

koast-music-producerNot sure how much of this is really played or electronically induced, but it doesn’t matter, when a track grooves, it just does, and that’s fine. Everything is tuned to get you into a feeling of the rhythm, and the beat. The more you hear the song, they more it grows on you; the more you get into it, the more you like it, and the more you listen to it.

“Koast Music” is a classic example of a track which is more than the sum of its parts. Singularly each component may just be okay, the complete package however is best summed up as a joyful rollercoaster of funky, dancing joy. While the music contains an element of minimalism, there’s just something about how the disparate parts are put together by the Producer that will capture you.

This song, being just about as infectious as you can imagine, has a funky energy that lets you know it’s all right for you to let loose on the dance floor as well. You’ll also love the guitar riffs, along with the quirky lyrics and the Julianna Mcduffie hooks.


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