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Terranomaly – Rock Fugue For Those Ready To “Wake Up”

An Earth-native anomaly or “Terranomaly,” is a word coined by Kevin Smith on his radio show about the paranormal, a few years ago. The word was chosen by his good friend Jeff Byrd as the name of a new performing stage band started in late 2012 with Kevin on rhythm guitar, and Jeff on bass.

terranomaly-400The band has had members come and go. Kevin passed away in 2013, just as the band was about to do a Red Carpet event at the Hard Rock in Nashville. Kevin had only been playing guitar a year, but was cranking out riffs like nobody’s business. Guest vocalists have done a couple of tracks, but none had the “Terranomaly” magic.

Jonathan Byrd, rhythm and lead guitar player during 2013 has decided to go back to college and get his degree. Drummers have also come, and drummers have also gone, but Jeff and Michael both play drums, so the songs keep coming.

That leaves the band with the duo standing. Jeff Byrd plays every rock instrument, and has his own recording studio in Nashville. Michael Macpherson plays every rock instrument, and has a recording studio in Phoenix. When these two combined, the writing took a new direction. There is a motivation, a message, and a drive that can’t be stopped.

Terranomaly calls its genre “rock fugue.” You can hear elements of the greatest classic rock bands, grunge, blues, metal, and even a touch of country now and then. Often, there’s an under-beat that’s so complex, it’s hard to tell what’s going on! This sets the band apart from the many “cookie-cutter” bands of today.

Terranomaly  says that their 11-track album, “Wake Up”, is for those who have become aware of what is really going on in the world, are becoming aware, or want to become aware.

“No, we’re not talking global warming or climate change,” says Terranomaly. “We’re talking about the select few who think they’re the chosen ones, and the rest of the humans are only tolerated to serve them. You know who they are. They are the ones causing all the problems in this planet, creating wars where none would normally exist, and then robbing the world of its wealth to pay for the wars while blaming anyone else. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

Over and above the social themes, Terranomaly’s mission is to rock, and maybe wake a few people up, when their tornado of sound comes through your town!

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