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Team Dope: “Hybrid (1st of Many) The Younggin Volume” mixes a philosophical style with a street feel

Team Dope from Oakdale, LA, are two brothers Elijah and Salvin Poullard and a childhood friend Marvette Williams Jr aka Yung Eli, YunGGin and Prince J ‘Team Dope’. Team Dope recently signed with Independent startup label Metal 2 Music Records and Franz The Hybrid One.  “Hybrid (1st of Many) The Younggin Volume” is the highly anticipated sophomore album from the dynamic trio from Oakdale.

Salvin Poullard
Salvin Poullard

Team Dope is setting trends with their unique sound. This volume was aptly named the “The YounGGin Volume” due to the effort put forth by the youngest member of the trio after older brother Young Eli fell ill to a rare form of cancer and Prince J was involved in a car wreck.

I don’t care what anyone says, Team Dope are one of the best trios in the rap game today.  They bring the heat on every verse on every track, and with the banging production and catchy hooks; you got one dope 14-track album. What sets them apart from other rap groups is that they all have their own unique styles. Each of them come hard and it just seems like they all put a lot of effort into this album, and it pays off because you don’t have to skip tracks where every song is tight.

Marvette Poullard
Marvette Poullard

Probably any true Team Dope fan knows the energy they bring with their raps and beats, so it’s no surprise they bring it again in their second album.  This album not only packs powerful and inquisitive lyrics but the production to back it up. Team Dope spit out hot and hard on standouts, “Ain’t in the Mood”, “Congrats on your Downgrade”, “Dark”, “How I Live”, “Live and Learn”, “Losing My Religion” and “Not One Love Song”. The cuts are all tight, while the effects and hooks are so cute they make these tracks addictive and perfect earworms.

The sound is even more authentic and polished then their debut. For those of you who haven’t heard of Team Dope or any of its members, you are missing a big part of hip hop. These fellas blend catchy mainstream beats, and really well sung hooks, with explicit hardcore lyrics.

Elijah Pollard
Elijah Pollard

They mix a philosophical style with a street feel. So you get that banging streetwise sound that you can nod or groove to. As for the production, the addictive keyboards, dramatic chord changes and funky, kinetic beats, just match well with Team Dope’s lyrical flow.

“Hybrid (1st of Many) The Younggin Volume” is far, far better than most of commercial-dominated stuff flooding the airwaves. It has the same catchiness but goes in harder lyrically. This second effort proves that these Oakdale brothers and friends wanted to take their LA shine back after their debut. They come out hard and real as hell on this album!


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