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“Symphony of Love” captures many of the unique qualities that characterize the voice of Orly Vardy

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Soprano singer Orly Vardy was born in Israel, and started singing at a very early age. She was coached by some of Israel’s finest vocal instructors, and has earned several awards for her music and vocals. Orly has also released various recordings, including the critically acclaimed album, “A Million Love Songs”.

Orly Vardy is currently promoting her song “Symphony of Love”, which is in a voting poll as a contender for entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. You can listen to and vote the song HERE.

orly-vardy-350“Symphony of Love” captures many of the unique qualities that characterize the voice of Orly Vardy. She possesses a singular gift to internalize and interpret lyrics with clarity, strength, and a haunting beauty. The simple elegance of her voice is complemented here with luxuriantly layered instrumentation and highly crafted studio production. Whether soaring or gently whispering her vocal interpretation conveys a profound sense of spirituality and sensuality.

With the current crop of female vocalists, I almost forgot what a great melody was. “Symphony of Love” was a treat to be reminded of great phrasing, dynamics and intonation without the silly auto-tuning gimmicks. Orly Vardy evokes a tapestry of deep and affecting emotions. She is one of the best natural singers that I have ever heard with a crossover style all of her own. She is simply wonderful and sings with warmth and feeling.

On “Symphony of Love” Orly Vardy gives us something real to listen to, relax to and relate to.  The track is both tender and powerful, being a perfect vehicle for Orly’s extraordinary voice. It is an inarguable classic pop styled masterpiece providing the perfect mix of arrangement and orchestration with the songstress at her most sublime. Once you hear Orly Vardy you will almost certainly be on the lookout for her other releases.

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