Snir Yamin: “Missed Love”, featuring Cellist Yoed Nir – an unmatched depth of emotions

Snir Yamin is a singer-songwriter originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. Snir started his music career in 2006, after losing his father in a car accident. Between the years of 2009-2015, Snir has performed across Israel, toured Europe and North America. In 2013, Snir released in his debut EP, entitled Urban Stories. The EP sold over then 50,000 digital copies through Amazon and iTunes. Additionally, Urban Stories EP has been ranked the #1 album of 2013 on AOTY Best Albums of 2013 by User Score Chart.

Snir Yamin
Snir Yamin

Now Snir Yamin has released the latest single off Urban Stories, entitled “Missed Love”, featuring Cellist Yoed Nir. For the better Snir Yamin displays consistency in his style and a very palpable maturity in the lyrics because that’s basically what his EP Urban Stories was exposing as a body of work, maturity and realization; from falling in love, falling out of love, introspection within gaining and losing and the outcome of it. As somber as this concept may sound, the Ep leaves quite an opposite impression, as does the single, “Missed Love”.

There are parts where the music feels rather tragic – listen from the bridge towards the finale of the pre-chorus with Yoed Nir’s aching Cello – but at the same time it feels euphoric as the song has a minimal, acoustic, yet dare I say, ‘progressive’ sound structure to it.

Snir Yamin’s music is ‘full’ and with an unmatched depth of emotions. This song in particular has haunting music coupled with sad lyrics indicative of a man who is coming to terms with some of his demons and with the bitterness of longing.

If you love dark reflections on relationships, you may find this intoxicating lyrically, and you are certain to dive deep into the melancholy melody and the organic beauty of the accompanying instrumentation. The toned down nature of “Missed Love”, featuring Cellist Yoed Nir is astounding, and provides a hypnotizing, almost hushed element that weighs on you, and then draws you out and into Snir Yamin’s world.


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