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Slim Tailor: Listen To Their Self-Titled EP And The Track “My Island”

The Slim Tailor EP was released December 2013 with the B-Sides added in January. Originally, the EP consisted of 7 solo acoustic Tracks from the trio’s Guitarist/Vocalist, Slim Tailor. In January 2014, he added 6 other tracks which were to showcase the trio he’s been working with since 2008.

Eric Blais (Bass, Vocals) & Joan Quinto (Drums, Vocals). Their backgrounds in music range from Jazz, Punk, Rock, Soul, Blues, Funk And Other Rhythm & Blues based art forms and they felt the best way to either write songs and/or create them from scratch was to Jam. Like Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers but more modern.

This is the first release featuring them as a trio; Slim Tailor was introduced to Eric & Joan via mutual friends after he moved to Rialto, CA from Los Angeles, prior to the beginning of High School. It wasn’t until Slim returned from Military Service in 2007 that he decided to give Joan & Eric a call to once again create beautiful jam music and give the people something to really listen to.

Slim Tailor is: Eric Blais (Bass, Vocals) – Joan Quinto (Drums, Vocals) – Slim Tailor (Guitar, Vocals)

Check out ‘Nova Stella’ soundcloud here.

Stream/download the full EP on soundcloud here.

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