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Sar – “Soular System” captures everything needed to pull off a good project!

Hailing from Washington DC, Sar is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist and sound engineer with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. Part of the crew LiveShameless with Justice and Daezon, his sound is all about connecting with the listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies and a though-provoking flow that bridges the gaps between the grit of the old school and the focus of modern productions.


“Soular System” is Sar’s freshman solo release and he has delivered a complete mixtape that will attract and impress new fans. He shows his lyrical capabilities and it’s really interesting to hear the way he conveys his messages. Deep meanings with metaphors that really make you pause and contemplate what was just spoken.

The intensity of Sar’s lyrics combined with stellar production, great features and flows makes this a good listen all the way through the 13 tracks. The overall appeal of the album gives it a lot of replay value. Most notable songs would be “Focused”, “The Anthem (Feat. Justice)”, “Speed Racin (4 Walls)”, “1 Roll”, “Nimbus (Feat. R.O.P)”, “Mischievous (Feat. Daezon)”, “Ascension” and “Winning (Feat. Pap Brady)”.

The mixtape captures everything needed to pull off a good project. Proving that Sar has the potential to enjoy an interesting career. The mixtape also projects Sar in a very transparent way, helping you understand him as a person- something solo albums are supposed to do.

As I mentioned in some other reviews, the next generation of hip-hop is already here and they are coming at music listeners full-force! Sar falls squarely into this group. I don’t want to overstate how great the “Soular System” mixtape is. Sar doesn’t recreate the wheel here but he’s a great lyricist and has put together a great mixtape, with the help of  Mxtch, Daezon, Justice, R.O.P, Pap Brady, Lean Proof Ent, that is really worth your time.

This outstanding debut, works from Sar’s rapping strengths: sometimes humorous, always honest and direct commentary on a vast array of topics from relationships to ladies to insecurities, chilling and personal ideals, all of which blend elements of his real life experiences.

Without getting too long-winded, Sar delivers the goods on his debut mixtape. With a clever laid back rapping style, vibrant and excellent production, great song concepts and perfect appearances from guests this is not a mixtape that will soon collect too much dust, so to speak. “Soular System” is a mixtape that you will keep coming back to, over and over.

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