Rome Alexander: “Oblivion” – the overall concept, is what makes this track most compelling

Rome Alexander is a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, who has his own unique musical style with elements of both R&B and Pop. Alexander has just dropped the track “Oblivion”, inspired by the movie of the same name. Within the last few years I’ve noticed a rather welcomed shift in the musical priorities within the R&B scene. Seems they’ve started to realize that the hip-hop styles they’d been basing their own music on, with its reliance on sampling and computers, actually had source material of its own they were neglecting to contribute to. Alexander continues in this new direction, exploring an organically sounding, piano-driven production.

rome-alexander-oblivion-coverThe vitality and freshness of the music and songwriting that comes with the overall concept, is what makes this track most compelling. It’s so compelling, in fact, you feel as if you’re glimpsing upon an artist of quality you have totally neglected. His voice is sweet and soothing, while his maturity is evident on this track. His bedroom eyes seduce you and his music takes care of the rest.

“Oblivion” has that sexy, intimate and soul igniting power that a lot of the big name artists seem to have lost along the way. I really was not sure what to expect, when I pushed the play button, but I was amazed on how such an artist like Rome Alexander easily could transform his thoughts into such a captivating musical ballad. Even if you aren’t a die-hard R&B fan, you will enjoy this track as it has a catch pop edge and a light, easy on the ear melody.

Rome Alexander never sings out of range – his songs sound smooth and well-crafted.  Considering how talented the Alexander really is, it shouldn’t be that surprising. Here you have a true artist, his genre of music, his voice, his sincerity in song, and the energy he uses to put it across, as he continues to evolve his craft. He really knows how to turn it on, so just close your eyes and drift away!

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