Rawzilk: “Dolls” proves electronic music can be a limitless, utterly compelling thing

Rawzilk produces experimental music and is moving towards a smoother musical style for a concept album about the dark side of human nature. Rawzilk was previously highly inspired by glitch art and old VHS tapes for his earlier work but now in his ever-evolving career, he is becoming more inspired by drama films and love stories, true crime and the risqué in general. The latest song released, leading up to his new album, is “Dolls”.

If you locked Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada and Squarepusher into a room, the out-coming process might sound something like the experimental track “Dolls”, by Rawzilk. This track is full of hot beats and cut up melodic vocals. If there is something that proves electronic music can be a limitless, utterly compelling thing, this is it. Every bit as nuanced and produced as IDM electronic music, Rawzik takes pure vocals and electronic elements, and then filters them down through relentless breakbeats, and lovely experimental textures.


“Dolls” more than anything out there shows the heights this music can be taken to, and that’s further than the eye can see. The utter attention to detail can not only be admired, but enjoyed thoroughly. This keeps the entire track well within the lines of excellence, making it a real treat for anyone who loves the feel of creative electronic music. Rawzilk uses synthesized sounds to create a beautiful textured harmonic landscape over crisp yet original and ‘quirky’ sounding beats that are produced with precise definition. In between all of this he throws in the glitch formula.

Rawzilk also uses a higher complexity of rhythm and shuffled beats. If you produce tracks yourself, you will fall in love with the technical prowess displayed in this track, if not, you will recognize and appreciate it anyway. It is the close attention to ‘sonics’ that really separates Rawzilk from most other musicians, he seems to highly value the importance of the actual ‘sound’ as well as the rhythm, harmony, melody, dynamics, what we all consider to be the fundamental defining factors of music.

Rawzilk has an utterly excellent musical proposal with “Dolls”, that will probably still keep him away from mainstream acceptance, but virtually guarantees his ascension to greatness in the electronic undergrounds.


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