Raiigh is very focused and driven!

Raiigh is a talented music artist hailing from Miami, Florida. Raiigh is very talented and does a variety of musical things. He is an artist, raps, sings, produces, & writes great songs. Raiigh has always had a passion for music since he was young and would start to embrace it more in middle school and as he grew older.  Raiigh has over 300,000 views on his music video for “Hot Like The Summer” and over 200k streams on Spotify this year. He is very focused, and driven, as he maneuvers threw the music industry with a business entrepreneurial mindset. Right now Raiigh is working on putting out visuals to songs of his mixtape “Raiigh”.


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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