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Phenom V: “Believe In” takes rap back to its true form!

Manno LaGuerre, more commonly known by his stage name, Phenom V, is an up and coming rapper/producer out of Boston. Phenom lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood. His passions are for academics, and, of course, music. Phenom’s first mixtape, “Pressed for Fame”, was released under Rundem Productions in 2011.  Now in 2015 Phenom V, drops his highly anticipated mixtape Phenom V – Believe In.

phenomv-300Phenom V really steps up to the mic, backed by a variety of talented producers and a couple of great features across 9 tracks, to show the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for mediocre hiphop values to make an impression in the game.

The mixtape talks about appreciating the intangible things like love, friendship, college, career moves and solid ideals instead of just money, cars, and clothes. Phenom V takes us on a journey and lets us in on his experiences, thoughts and dreams in a touching and relevant way. There is variety to each song, which is supported by excellent lyrics and production. I mean this mixtape is great to me.

The themes Phenom V covers aren’t totally new, but the way he approaches each song is a refreshing. Phenom V’s flow and rhymes, shine on tracks such as Problem Kids (Prod. Trendsetterz), Too Good For Me ft. Siah (Prod. Osym Beats), Good Enough ft. Tone Jonez (Prod. Tone Jonez) and Keep The Dream Alive (Prod. Tone Jonez).

phenomv-coverBut you can casually put your finger on any track on this mixtape and discover a true gem. Just press play on Believe In (Prod. Cartier Jonez). Phenom V’s lyrics here are incredible, and his energetic style is nothing near the word generic! Tech N9ne would be shaking in his boots if he heard Phenom’s technical ability on this track!

Phenom V is consistent throughout the mixtape and seems to know exactly what he is doing track after track, as he takes rap back to its true form. With a masterful use of language, a fired-up technique and a great display of storytelling, Phenom proves that hip hop isn’t completely dead just yet. Last Night (MassPike) – (Prod. Dizzee) and On The Road (Prod. Tee W Beats) proves beyond any doubt that Phenom V is head and shoulders above the current roster of rappers riding the charts right now! He is captivating; the sound, the rhymes, everything flows together.

The mixtape “Phenom V – Believe In” is pure excellence. Nothing is lacking – Lyrics, beats, arrangements, production and flow – it’s 100% pure quality. Phenom V has definitely taken his game to another level!


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