Parsa Sleighter: Songs so sad they break your heart, and so pretty that you don’t mind!

Independent music is a hit and miss thing with most musical enthusiasts. With the bulk of information primarily exchanged by word of mouth or read in off the beaten path music magazines, most stumble upon wonderful works of art that scream for wider attention from the musical community at large. I’ve discovered some amazingly artistically creative souls wandering in the abyss, only waiting to be heard. Parsa Sleighter is easily one of these.

I must say that Parsa leaves me dumbfounded by the melancholy brilliance behind the release of the two singles, “Favorite Sin” and “Bad Nostalgia”, from his EP coming in December. What can you expect from these tracks? Some of the most beautiful, open-hearted and downright honest music being made today. Somber string arrangements, so sad they break your heart, and so pretty that you don’t mind, begin this journey through “Bad Nostalgia”.

Parsa Sleighter
Parsa Sleighter

Parsa ably mixes sweetly light vocals with brooding tunes. He is all about mood and feelings compared to the over perfect recordings heard by a handful of bands that have something to say and another hundred with the exact same sounds and none of the originality. Each note, each word, each sentiment expressed through the music can be felt by anyone who opens up and listens.

With these songs, Parsa Sleighter gives the world a fully realized works of art, suffused with haunting melodies and achingly open songwriting. His lyrics range from the simplistic, yet earth-shakingly powerful, to the cryptic, yet eerily comprehensive and universal. Each line is sung as if, finally, he feels he can release a thought that’s been tumbling in his head for days, as he had been searching for the right way to express it. Parsa has a voice that could lull a child to sleep or bring a tear to the coldest, heartless eye. And every new listen to these songs uncovers some little nuance that inspires a whole range of emotions and feelings.

On his website, Parsa writes: I know it may look like I’m alive, but I actually died about four years ago. These are the tunes my soul left behind.” And it is that very soul that is able to craft moments in music where every note is meticulously placed within the whole without sounding forced or trite. Knowing how long is long enough and how long is too much. The ability of Parsa Sleighter to gracefully articulate a personal spirituality through gentle, sullen, multilayered soundscapes, as demonstrated in “Favorite Sin” and “Bad Nostalgia”, is in a category of its own.


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