NatStar – “Made It Out”: A Musical Powerhouse Transcending Boundaries

NatStar, a multifaceted artist who seamlessly embodies the roles of musician, producer, songwriter, and performer, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his unique blend of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul. This triple threat, known for his singing, rapping, and producing, infuses every track with personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions, creating music that is both deeply personal and universally relatable. Having collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Ski Beatz, Brandy, Camp Lo, Loon, and Polish pop singer Gosia Andrzejewicz, NatStar’s impressive portfolio speaks volumes about his talent and versatility. His reach extends beyond the United States, garnering a dedicated fan base in Singapore after a successful six-month tour, as well as in Poland, Switzerland, and Senegal, where he headlined the Dakar Hip-Hop Festival.

NatStar’s growing popularity is evident in his streaming numbers, boasting over 8 million streams on Spotify and accumulating more than 3 million views on his YouTube channel, with these figures increasing daily. NatStar’s latest single, “Made It Out,” is a testament to his storytelling prowess and musical innovation. Set against a rhythmic dance backdrop enriched with R&B, Soul and jazz influences, this explicit rap track narrates a powerful journey of perseverance, ambition, and triumph over adversity.

The lyrics are a raw reflection of NatStar’s personal journey, highlighting themes of self-belief, resilience, and strategic thinking. At the same time, he is celebrating others who work extremely hard and are rewarded.

The song opens with a declaration of success: “Uh, Yeah I made it, made it, made it out. Shit was down, yeah, I went and took the paper route. Counting down, when to take me out, can’t count me out. Frustrated, fuckin’ with a hater, gotta fade it out.” These lines set a resolute tone, emphasizing the artist’s rise from difficult circumstances. “Taking the paper route” symbolizes choosing a legitimate path to success, while “can’t count me out” underscores his resilience. The frustration with detractors and the need to “fade it out” highlights the constant challenges faced on his journey.


The second verse delves into NatStar’s creative process: “As I’m blowin’ smoke out the Grabba. Gelato taintin’ my thoughts. Plottin’ get out of this situation. It’s out of pocket.”Here, the imagery of smoking and the influence of Gelato (a cannabis strain) on his thoughts suggest the use of substances to enhance creativity. The strategic thinking expressed in “plotting get out of this situation” showcases his determination to improve his circumstances.

NatStar also draws inspiration from iconic figures in the music industry: “Yeah, I made it like Beats by Dre in his prime. Shit, I remember listenin’ to Beats by Dre in his prime.” This comparison to Dr. Dre in his prime reflects high aspirations and acknowledges the influence of legendary artists on his career.

In the third verse, NatStar focuses on his legacy and financial wisdom: “I inherit the DNA of a winner, gotta engage. My mama and dad still proud of they son out of space. Still care if they proud of me, shit, this is everything they made.” Here, he pays homage to his parents while asserting his own identity and accomplishments. The emphasis on making his parents proud reveals a deep sense of familial pride and duty.

He also offers practical financial advice: “Instead of blowin’ checks, invest it in everything you make. With that, I manifest, put that in my face.” This line advocates for wise investment over frivolous spending, highlighting the importance of financial literacy in achieving and maintaining success.

The final verse addresses broader societal challenges: “21 countries shit, not bad for a Black jack. I grew up with facts lacked, we do what we told shit. Don’t question the old heads. Don’t question police or see a piece to your forehead.” NatStar reflects on growing up in a restrictive environment where questioning authority was discouraged. The line “not bad for a Black jack” celebrates his achievements despite systemic obstacles faced by Black individuals.

The song concludes with a metaphor for empowerment: “We goin’ fish in the sea, you can have the rod. Show you how to fish. That’s how you make it out.” This emphasizes the importance of self-sufficiency and knowledge, advocating for teaching skills and wisdom to others to enable their success.

“Made It Out” by NatStar is a compelling narrative of personal and collective triumph. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt lyrics, NatStar conveys the struggles, strategic decisions, and relentless drive that define his journey. This track serves not only as a testament to his success but also as a motivational blueprint for listeners facing their own challenges. With universal themes of self-belief, resilience, and financial wisdom, “Made It Out” stands as an inspiring piece in the rap genre.

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