Stream & Earn: Melvin Fromm Jr.’s Music is now on Bigo Live!

Melvin Fromm Jr.’s worldwide fame and original music have created a unique opportunity for his global fanbase and music enthusiasts. They are now able to earn income legally from Melvin’s music via Bigo Live, a premier live streaming platform. Here’s how it works: Fans and music lovers sign up for a free Bigo Live account and can earn income as Live Streamers, Official Hosts, Bigo Live Agents, and through Virtual Gifts that can be converted to cash.

Melvin’s music is a magnet, attracting thousands of new listeners to their Bigo Live accounts daily, which can potentially increase their income. Here’s why:

Legality: Melvin’s original music can be streamed legally, thanks to his agreement with YouTube and other partnered streaming sites. You can find ‘Melvin Fromm Jr. music’ on Bigo Live via the YouTube option in the menu. A tutorial video on how to add Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music to your Bigo Live account and help monetize it can be found @

Quality & Appeal: Melvin’s music has received numerous accolades and international airplay, and its universal appeal can draw a diverse audience on Bigo Live. To date, over 150 of Melvin’s songs are playing on more than 200 radio stations worldwide and the number is growing. Melvin’s music is also being played in many malls and stores worldwide.

Genre Variety: Fromm’s music, influenced by a variety of sounds like country, jazz, gospel, and more, caters to the diverse musical preferences of Bigo Live users.

Positive Reviews: Critics have praised the emotion, beauty, and exceptional craftsmanship in Fromm’s compositions. Streaming such positively reviewed music could enhance the quality of your Bigo Live streams.

Engagement: Playing Melvin Fromm Jr.’s music can enhance the ambiance of your streams and keep your viewers entertained and engaged.

For more details on Melvin and his music, visit

For more details on Bigo Live, visit Bigo Live @

Melvin’s YouTube Channel:

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