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Miracle – “Untelevised Audition” – The mixtape is cohesive; the vision is clear and deep

Raymelvin De Pena who records under the mononym Miracle, is a hip hop artist and soul vocalist from St.John Virgin Islands. Raised by a single mother, and still at the tender age of 16, Miracle’s energy and upbringing blends with his music- full of likable melodies, fine rhymes, and a talent of detail.

Miracle recently dropped his 21-track mixtape, entitled “Untelevised Audition”, which showcases a host of producers, including; Donato Beats, Swiff D, HdxMulla, Q Lash, Chazz Beats, Taylor King, Kaltschale, Enrichment, Ignorvnce, Riddle, Highway, 2Saint, Grim D, Ezy Beats and AzBeats.

Miracle emerges as one of the most exciting young talents in rap music. I’m not sure if this is a concept album through and through, but the beats are unmatched and the arrangements entrancing. Miracle’s lyrics are smart, and flow precise and hardly what you would expect from a young freshman at 16!

In a market flooded by auto-tuned hacks, with recycled beats, “Untelevised Audition” is a revelation. Turn up the volume, turn off the lights, close your eyes, and experience the emotion and detail that it contains. The mixtape is so cohesive; the vision is clear, and deep, like Kendrick Lamar’s GKMC.

Miracle has a sharp ear for beats as well as an incredible wit when it comes to clever punchlines. There are a lot of songs on here that must be heard numerous times to fully capture and appreciate the detailed nuances. Miracle tells true stories of love and life through deep and insightful lyrics as if he’s lived through all of those things.

If I had to choose something negative to say, my only complaint would be the explicit language, which to my mind does not enhance the listening experience; having said that, I understand and respect the artist’s choice in selecting his own form of communication.

The combination of these things however, creates an amazing mixtape that insets a certain indescribable emotion, providing an interesting perspective of the world that surrounds Miracle.

The eclectic beats that go along perfectly with the lyrics, just add more and more layers to the already deep meaning of the songs. All of this and more is waiting for you inside Miracle’s first musical masterpiece, “Untelevised Audition”.

A track by track analysis is really not called for, with a motherload of 21 tracks to choose from. You just need to chillout and listen to this thing back-to-back, to get the best out of it. However a few of my personal favorites include: “Born Ready (Prod By. Mobb Bro)”, “Broke Or Rich (Prod By. Donato Beats)”, “If You Don’t Know (Prod By. HdxMulla)”, “Every Part Of It (Prod By. Chazz Beats)”, “Meant Dat (Prod By. Donato Beats)” and I haven’t even got halfway through the mixtape yet!

Miracle manages to avoid a lot of the clichés that have turned people away from rap/hip hop in the recent past and instead delivers an “anything can happen” experience from beginning to end. Whatever you may feel about the story being told, the track is handled masterfully. “Untelevised Audition” captures every mood better than I could have imagined and is worth a listen just for the dramatic rhyming and lyrical shifts Miracle delivers throughout!



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