Michelle Brooks-Thompson, is an Award-winning Renowned Inspirational Recording Artist

Springfield, MA-USA – Michelle Brooks-Thompson, an award-winning renowned Inspirational Recording Artist, who made her national musical debut on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice, released her newest single “Woman First” on May 7th, 2021 (Sony Music The Orchard). The former NBC’s The Voice finalist (Team Adam Levine) has steadily been rising in the music industry. Since competing on The Voice, Michelle’s versatile & phenomenal singing ability has privileged her to grace a multitude of diverse musical platforms across the country.

She has consistently performed at various churches, indoor and outdoor concert venues, major league sporting events, private functions, and on national TV programs such as Dr. Bobby Jones Presents (Impact Network), TBN’s Praise the Lord, the Bishop Eric Lloyd Show (Rhema Network) and more. She has become known by all as a dynamic powerhouse vocalist! As quoted by Maroon 5’s front man and The Voice vocal coach Adam Levine, Michelle has been gifted with a “supernatural singing ability.”

Michelle’s vocal tone and power is frequently compared to the late musical icon, Whitney Houston. She has often been referred to as the “Whitney Houston of Gospel music.” Michelle’s music success throughout her indie artist career has continued to expand with notable accomplishments. She was the 2017 Super Top Dog champion of the world-famous Apollo Amateur Night winning the grand prize of $20k. Most recently in 2019, she was the winner of the 15th and final season of Keene Idol (New Hampshire).

In addition, she has been nominated and has won several awards including Prayze Factor (Contemporary Artist of the Year), Boston Angelic Awards (Single of the Year), Rhythm of Gospel Awards, and the IGARA awards to name a few. It is her extraordinary voice and striking presence that has captivated audiences, making her rich vocals synonymous with delivering the “National Anthem” as well as “God Bless America” at countless major sporting events for the NBA, NFL, MLS, NHL, and MLB! Michelle’s rendition of the National Anthem and God Bless America is highly respected and is continually requested by sports teams and many venues.

During the 2020 & 2021 global pandemic, Michelle graced the Boston Red Sox team and fans during each season on Opening Day with the “National Anthem” and “God Bless America.” Michelle will be releasing an official recording of her rendition of the “National Anthem” this July! Michelle’s new single “Woman First” is an uplifting song that honors women and the roles they play as nurtures, leaders, and the givers of life!

“This is a song of empowerment for all women and there is no better time than now to release a song that celebrates women! As we have witnessed throughout history and even more recently with the election of our first female Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, women are defying the stereotypes that society has set in place based on gender. We are seeing a rise of women in corporate & political leadership positions, religious leaders, science & medicine, technology, law, and entrepreneurs all over the world.

These women have become influences on generations of women to come, by showing them that women are more than the roles that have been prescribed to them because of gender. Additionally, while these powerful & revolutionary women have achieved great success in their professions, many have balanced being a wife or a single mother while raising their family or serving as a caregiver. And these extraordinary women have done so without any of these responsibilities interrupting or hindering their accomplishments and that is something to celebrate and honor,” Michelle says.

“Woman First” simply highlights the beauty, strength, and joys of womanhood that unites women regardless of race and ethnicity. It is an anthem of empowerment & inspiration for women to celebrate all that they are! “Woman First” is available on all digital media outlets including iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.


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