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Michael C Keller: “Sunlight and Moonlight” harkens back to a purer time in music

Michael C Keller was born in Wharton Texas, a stone’s throw from his house on Margaret sat the now defunct Pecan Gardens, where many a night you could hear the strains Of B.J. Thomas and The Triumphs filtering through the woods. In fact Michael’s latest single “Sunlight and Moonlight”, harkens back to a purer time in music. And by ‘purer’, I mean music that was less processed, hyped, pimped and faked.

Songs depended mostly on the melody and the lyrics, while outright production was a secondary factor. Today it’s all about the beat, what you say and how you say it hardly matters as much anymore…unless of course, if you curse and shout, then you get extra points!

Michael C Keller
Michael C Keller

“Sunlight and Moonlight”, is less technical, less produced or artificially manufactured, but carries a clean and crisp melody as well as words that matter. Or at least make sense. This track makes me feel really nostalgic because Michael C Keller voice sounds so familiar, like those legendary, country, folk or pop crooners who knew how to deliver a solid tune.

At the same time, the song sounds fresh, and shows a little respect for conventional music, as Keller lets the tune breathe with a strong, melodic and romantic flavor. I actually think the BJ Thomas fans back from the 60s and 70s, would love this song for its untainted arrangement., and new fans will enjoy it for the same reason.

If you’re trying to figure out what is so different with this song compared to the sound of most recordings on the radio today. Then it should hit you real soon that “Sunlight and Moonlight” isn’t auto tuned to the max!

You can tell this is an artist who is singing in his “true” voice. Once you “reset” your ears not to expect that mechanical sound that today’s artists have you can truly relax and enjoy the music.
You might just find yourself tapping your foot and humming or singing along.

I truly hope this project allows Michael C Keller to continue releasing new material, as I believe there is a market out there for people who want to hear “real” music done in the good old fashioned way. And that is, really sing or really play!


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