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Maribel is an independent Mexican songwriter, rapper and singer

I’m a 26 year old Mexican independent songwriter, rapper and singer. I go by the name Maribel (pronounced in Spanish). I was Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico and raised in Salt Lake City Utah. What I truly want from all this is for my soul to be remembered forever. And to leave a blueprint for younger generations and anyone that suffers from mental health that anything is possible. I know that the world has a lot more to offer us all then just fear and worry. I have always loved music ever since a young age. I remember I would sing to my dad in the car and he would get tired of hearing me all the time ha!

I grew up in a Mexican household where dreams where never encouraged to follow. I had to learn on my own from others inspiration to follow what I love, and ever since I haven’t stopped and I won’t stop. I’m the first in my family to follow a music career and I want to be the first to achieve it and the first to be a legend and my family’s history I mean I don’t know a lot of my family’s history but I’m pretty sure nobody has dreamed as big as me!

I was raised by my single mother since the age of 11. I’m the second oldest of 5 siblings. It has always been tough for me to call a place my home because of always moving around and never being stable, but I truly understand why though, because my mom struggled a lot to raise us all. And I look up to my mom because no matter the struggle she never gave up. I’m also a single mom myself and I feel so empowered to be a woman with power.

I know one day I will give back everything and more to my parents for everything they done for me and provide for all my family that is one of many goals that I have in my life. I hope to inspire and motivate others in whatever journey they are on because I know what it’s like to lose all hope but I also know what it’s like to believe and dream so big!



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