Music newcomer GLIFFO had been honored with sensational 5 awards at the German Rock & Pop Award 2021! (by the German Rock & Pop Association / DRMV

Gliffo was awarded in the following categories: “best song of the year (English language)”, “best song of the year (German language)”, “best single of the year”, “best composition” and “best studio recording of the year”.

Already the nomination to a significant music competition usually equals a musical accolade. But what about when an artist is not only nominated in several categories, but is actually awarded five times (!)? And that in all categories in which he applied…

Of course, the artist and his producer are happy about the recognition of their hard work by a competent jury of experts, after all not every artist is overwhelmed with awards. This should make you curious, because behind this is not only an independent musical concept for the “Gliffo-Sound”, but also mentioned multi-layered work, which ultimately convinced not only many thousands of listeners worldwide, but also the critical ears of musical experts.

The rock/pop artist and multiple award-winner with the pleasantly sonorous voice, who is an absolute newcomer to the music business, has acquired a broad fan base in a short time and already reached around 1 million music streams on Spotify and Youtube alone in April 2020.

Gliffo’s career is all the more atypical, as the start of the music project merely began with a melody whistled into his smartphone, which he sent to his friend (music producer Jörg Sieghart from Berlin).  This “snap idea” developed into a serious, successful music project, as the artist has so far been streamed well over 2 million times on Spotify alone.

In the spring of 2020, Gliffo already received his first award, the Runner Up Placement Award at the internationally renowned “Song Of The Year” Song Contest, for his debut single “Get The Sun In Your Head,” whose chorus featured the very early melody he had once whistled into his smartphone. The organizers of the “Song Of The Year” contest included the following note in the cover letter to the Gliffo producer and co-composer: “Only the top writers receive this placement!”

It wasn’t until the newcomer read through the list of judges for this competition – which included awe-inspiring international music greats like Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Queens Of The Stone Age), Alicia Keys, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Gwen Stefani, Lenny Kravitz and The Edge (U2) – that he had any idea what this first international award really meant.

At the “39th German Rock & Pop Award 2021” (39. Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis vom DRMV, German Rock & Pop musicians association) the Gliffo project has now been awarded for the two songs “Feel Good The Way You Are” as well as “Saide (Abschiedslied)”.

“Feel Good The Way You Are” is the most elaborate Gliffo production to date with a lot of attention to detail, rocking guitars, the typical sonorous Gliffo voice, as well as the trademark of the Gliffo sound, the unmistakable choir voices. The song has already received excellent reviews in several music blogs.

The second excellent title, the ballad “Saide” in its German language version, was also produced elaborately and with the use of a small, real string orchestra. The “mini-orchestra” is put together of hand-picked members of the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra under the direction of Markolf Ehrig (1st violinist at the Konzerthaus Orchestra). A goosebump-inducing falsetto solo is contributed by Berlin singer Benny Hiller as “featured artist”.

Overall, the varied Gliffo sound is characterized by a musical mixture of rock and pop, with first-class set vocals, many choir voices and real musical instruments, with the guitar being the dominant instrument (played by the producer himself). Interesting and varied, guitaristic embellishments run through all Gliffo songs so far. The exciting musical arrangements always form a perfect “music bed” for the singer’s distinctive, sonorous voice. Every reader can get his own impression of the musical performances and the fascination of the Gliffo project by following the links below.

Incidentally, readers interested in music can also recommend the Gliffo podcast interview by Pure Mind Magic (see also links below) “Follow your dreams with Gliffo”.

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