Lyndon Rivers Feat Nika Nova: “Unsure” – fated to burn up the club charts !

Multi-award-winning songwriter, Lyndon Rivers, has teamed up with the talented, teenage Russian singing sensation, Nika Nova for the new single, “UNSURE”, out 17th January 2015. Nika is a model and a popular video blogger in Russia, who is ranked third on Reverbnation’s Pop Chart and has aspirations to become the first Russian female artist to break through the Western music market.

lyndon-rivers-400Lyndon has received several accolades for his songwriting prowess, including one from managing director of PLG Music who said: “Great songs and great writers only come around once in a while. This is one of the brightest new writing talents that we have the honor of working with. Meet the lyrical giant Mr. Lyndon Rivers. We are expecting to complete many tunes with his assistance.”

There’s nothing here that you haven’t heard before, and that’s exactly why Lyndon Rivers’ third studio single shines. Returning fans will find themselves pleased, if not even more satisfied as Rivers and Nova’s sexy marriage of electronic dance rhythms and melodic vocals work perfectly. This isn’t a track where you have to listen to it a second time to figure out if you like it or not, it’s a song that will push its way to the top of the stack after the first listen.

One great thing about Lyndon Rivers is that he likes to approach projects with the ‘less is more’ attitude regarding the sound. He doesn’t cram tracks with every sound he can think of just because it’s possible to do that. And this attribute equals just about the perfect mix of cosmic dance grooves, high energy soundscapes and elegantly smooth vocals.

“UNSURE” keeps a big grin on your face, your head rocking side to side, and your feet uncontrollably dancing around the track.  This latest effort by Lyndon Rivers goes into a new direction and it dominates its predecessors, both in its musical endeavor and its overall listening experience. It is fated to burn up the club charts with its irrepressible chorus and ingenious production values.

Talent, energy, beauty, and dance appeal, is what Nika Nova brings to this more satisfying collaboration with songwriter Lyndon Rivers, on “UNSURE”, to keep your body moving and satisfying your ear’s sweet tooth.

“UNSURE” will be released on January 17, 2015 on and iTunes. The single is available for pre-order on Amazon for $0.89

For further information about Lyndon Rivers, visit: Visit to learn more about Nika Nova.

Lyndon Rivers
Lyndon Rivers
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