Caye Fazer: “Unexpected” flows with slinging beats and raps that burn!

Rapper, Singer, Actor, and Producer Christian Verzosa Alcala was born in Manila, Philippines. Also known by his stage name Caye Fazer ( c-aye-fa-zer), Christian spent most of his childhood in the streets of Quezon City, Philippines. By the age of 12, his parents decided to move to the East Side of Tucson, Arizona.

caye-fazer-400Caye attended Palo Verde High School as a freshman in 2009 and then during the Summer of 2010, he moved to San Diego, California, attending Bonita High School, where his passion for music sparked. Caye Fazer then moved to Memphis, TN in 2012 where he attended the University of Memphis, as well as grind hard, to break into the music industry.

Caye Fazer’s 11-track debut project, “Unexpected” premiered January of 2015. Every so often a piece of Hiphop comes along that is so powerful, so moving, that it transcends the boundaries of its medium to define its generation; “Unexpected” falls into that category.

Its production landscape is lush, rich, and textured. Its lyrics are raw and invective. The combined effect is spellbindingly fresh. “Unexpected” is no mere collection of songs, nor is it a concept album. It is hard to imagine that a compilation of so finely-crafted songs were not carefully planned and designed years in advance by an experienced rapper. Caye Fazer’s explicit lyrics, coupled with the juicy and bouncy beats, supplied by a legend of skilled producers, truly melt the house down.

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From Whats Wrong With That (Prod. By MackyMulah), Feel (Prod. By TravieK), Goodmorning (prod. by mjNichols ), Red Cup ( RMoney), Mayne (Prod. by ElSheriff) and  Running (Prod. By ElSheriff), this album is tight and Caye Fazer is all over it!

Caye Fazer
Caye Fazer

Mayne and Running without a doubt present themselves as the most catchy and commercially viable tracks on the album, with some great hooks and ear-catching beats. Though I have to admit the Bonus Track, Geronimo ( Ouji) and its guitar riff, totally blew me away, for originality!

Caye Fazer breaks out with his debut album and it flows with slinging beats and raps that burn with braggadocio as well as the plight and authenticity of urban life. Caye truly unleashes his explicitly creative rhymes and wordplay on this album, featuring a unique delivery, style and concept.

And for those who like a rapper with swagger and personality, Caye Fazer delivers it various doses across his tracks. “Unexpected” is the work of someone who clearly loves words and storytelling!

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