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SKai: “Diskaises” -Lyrically polished, musically spectacular, and melodically entrancing!

Born in New York and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, SKai has over 20 years of experience performing,  singing, writing, and producing songs.  SKai has collaborated with a variety of artists, ranging from local talents such as Justin and Alina (JAM Awards Song Of The Year – My Sweet Anonymous), Heather Raynes, Daniella LeSucci, to well-known producers like Brian Kierulf and John DeGrazio, offering his unique stamp on every project he works on. It wasn’t until early 2014 that SKai decided to set aside writing and producing for other artists to focus on his own material.


There are many solo artists and bands out there today that you almost get lost in counting. However there are very few who are truly worth listening to; especially in the independent market, where you’ll sometimes find astonishing music presented with poor performances or more often than not, shoddy production which really doesn’t help to impress listeners, find radio rotation or move music sales.

Then on those rare occasions you’ll discover artists like SKai, where every inch of the music is superb – drums, keyboards, guitar and vocals. Every single song has depth. Through all the lyrics and singing, you get a vivid sense of music that is motivating, uplifting, inspiring –loaded with every feeling the songwriter has been going through. Furthermore you’ll find great melodies, hooks, and extremely well written choruses. But above all else, it’s just sounds so completely honest and truthful!

Production-wise, music should all be like the “Diskaises” EP. This is what we, as consumers, should demand from all artists and record labels –major or independent -crystal clear vocals, easily identifiable instrumentation and a sound that resonates dynamically enough to be played anywhere with pride.

Lyrically polished, musically spectacular, and melodically entrancing, “Diskaises ” takes the promise of 6 individual pop-rock tracks and blows it out into a fully realized musical accomplishment of the first order. There isn’t a bad song on it. I just wish that there were more tracks to listen to.  From the thumping opener “She Loves Me”, through “Superheroes”, “Heart Attack”, “Always On My Mind” and “Lightning My Heart” to “Not That Far”, the songs covers a wide range of emotions that everyone can relate to, regardless of your own personal emotional state while you listen.

skai-680SKai offers a fresh sound that speaks to the times, with musicality that in a way is reminiscent of the major rock acts of the 80s and 90s, attuned with a “modern pop-rock sound”. To say the “Diskaises” EP exceeded my expectations is way more than an understatement.  SKai is a pure genius with a voice that is simply peerless. You will want to play this Ep non-stop.

I’ve listened to “Diskaises” up of two dozen times and still cannot decide which my favorite tracks are, as they change on each new listen. My only question is, “Why the hell is this not blazing out of every radio station right now!”


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