Live instrumentation makes a comeback with superb young band – Katch-Up

Just so we are clear, I am not a fangirl. I am not a teenage boy. I have distinct music taste and generally am a detractor of today’s popular artists. Though I understand the hype and respect the success, I can’t stand One Direction or any boy band for that matter…I’ve been around too long to accept these guys as real music artists. For me, these platinum puppies don’t measure up to the good old talented hound dogs of music.

So when I’m presented with a band called Katch-Up my eyes immediately fall on the following information: CJ Fankhauser (Drums) – aged 16 and has been playing since the age of 10. Sam Delossantos (Vocals) – aged 15 has already joined different projects and started an acting career. Reese Mikesell (Guitar) – aged 20 has been playing since the age of 11. Levi Wunderlich (Bass) – aged 18 has already played in numerous bands including a jazz unit. I was terrified by what to expect, but encouraged by the fact that I noticed real instrumentation in the line-up!

katch-up-680But Katch-Up was a real surprise. I found their style to be quite refreshing. They have a talented singer, well-written songs, and deliver impressive instrumental work…and they do not sound like a boy band! Definitely something they can brighten your day and improve your view of today’s budding music scene. These young men have worked very hard on every song and it shows.

Their music is hands down amazing and it’s great to see live instrumentation making a comeback with the younger crowd. “The World Is A Dream” is downright contagious with a catchy vocal hook in the chorus. But it’s “Falling Out Of Love” that gives you the measure and dimension of Katch-Up’s precocious personality and professionalism – it’s edgy, vigorous and enjoyable, with just enough guitar and drums to keep it rocking!

Katch-Up’s music is extremely likeable and is more polished than you would expect. You can feel that something huge may happen with them, obviously depending on which (not ONE!) direction they decide to take. If Katch-Up is allowed the time to stretch their musical muscles with a super-producer who does not strangle their creativity, but rather enhances it, these four boys will be ready to push the boundaries of their dominance.

Overall, for a genre that’s had its share of ups and downs – mostly downs – during this decade, it’s nice to know fans still have a great young band like Katch-Up, to latch onto, with a brilliant and possibly long-lasting career up ahead!


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