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LEPTUS: ‘From My Kirkbride’ Will Burrow its Way Far into Your Subconscious

Leptus is a strange band.  Uncompromising, harsh, and brilliant; their sound could be described anywhere from Alternative to Grunge and Punk, but could never be categorized into any one of these genres. On the album, From My Kirkbride, they prove to be something totally unique.

They are the quintessential indie band. Energetic compositions, disturbing vocals, thrash guitar, and powerful hooks make them a captivating band indeed.

On the first couple listens it might sound like endless angst-driven vocals, and metallic guitar tones, chugging away in a thousand different directions. But underneath this abrasive surface, one will eventually notice extremely inventive and complex melodies.

 Highlights include ” The Deceased Want You to Join Them “, ” Welcome to Hell “, ” Abra Cadaver “, “Just A Phantom Mist” and “Tales From the Shadow People” but really it’s best listened to as a whole. The relentless pace of the album is frequently peppered with absolutely sublime moments like, “Voices of the DeadandAdrift”, making it a unique and rewarding listening experience.

Perhaps the album’s greatest achievement is its connubial use of riff-oriented song structures that give way to sprawling melodic refrains that get stuck in your head forever. The 13 songs alternate between the loud and thrashing and the slower and the melodic, all melded together with excellent rock sensibilities. Each song is an extremely tight composition, making for a very consistent listen.

Throughout, the vocal delivery doesn’t get too melodramatic or gooey, but rather gives the songs either the roaring energy they deserve or a beautiful, straight singing voice. The songs are also more complex than they seem on the surface.

After a few solid consecutive listens, From My Kirkbride will burrow its way so far into your subconscious that recalling these songs from memory will become almost second nature. What starts out as an offsetting retreat from the norm eventually ends up becoming a truly captivating album full of the great songwriting, catchy guitar riffs and stellar musicianship.

From My Kirkbride sounds as if Leptus were having a jolly good time while recording it, but not just experimenting haphazardly. Their energy is contagious and you’ll find yourself turning up the volume a little higher, each time you listen to the album.

There are no secrets to be uncovered here, everything grips, rips and strips away, with simultaneous energy, delivering a bizarrely brilliant punk/rock/grunge masterpiece.





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