Label management and promotion group Power Seat Music Group, LLC is set to grow and thrive!

The major record companies have dominated the market for decades. Their decisions have affected the global industry and have dictated the shape of the business. The sheer size and depth of their catalogues have given them immense power. But that is changing. Their market share is shrinking; their ability to dominate the global market is weakening. Independents labels can now achieve worldwide reach and engagement with music fans through digital distribution and social media; they have strong representation at the highest levels and their share of the market is increasing.

As the industry evolves, the independent labels, and management groups, together with artists, are playing an increasingly influential role in shaping its future. Independent music now has a seat at the top table and is a growing force. It is within his contest that Power Seat Music Group, LLC is set to grow and thrive.

The label management and promotion group – Power Seat Music Group, LLC – began in 2018 founded by Chief Executive Officer Curtis “Cornaztone” Maxwell II. The team is backed by Seat of Power Publishing through Broadcast Music Inc. The Chief Operating Officer is Kippy “Ayokipp” Warren also known as Atlanta engineer Jack Papers (Icon Studios/ Madar Studios), Oliver “Ollie” Deckenhoff of MOTA Productions ULM Germany, and Laneishia Maxwell of Max Designs Photography and Multimedia.

Never before have indie artists had the kind of freedom to create their careers that they do now. But to many this freedom not only feels, but truly is, overwhelming. They desire the creative freedom, but not all the strings attached to branding and promotion. The Power Seat Music Group, LLC. offers the perfect compromise.

“We understand the complexity of creative minds and allow them the freedom and support to craft music that will stand the test of time,” states the Power Seat Music Group, concluding: “The focus of our brand is to allow artists freedom of expression, without confining them to conventional genres or image types.”

In the highly volatile and evolutionary urban music scene, having a good label management and promotion group is probably more important than ever before in supporting and developing an independent artist’s career and making sure they get heard above all the noise. Serious independent musicians will benefit significantly by having complete creative control over their work, while still being supported by an ambitious forward thinking structure like the Power Seat Music Group, LLC.

The Power Seat Music Group, LLC are constantly building their roster and have a series of artist and projects riding towards the crest of the wave. These include:


Ayokipp is a singer/rapper. An Atlanta native that focused on smooth modern soulful hip-hop in the vein of The Weeknd mixed with Kendrick Lamar. He’s a bit of a hippy and the spiritual center of the team. His Sept 2020 Album has already amassed over 100k streams in its first 30 days. Check out “Lost Vibes”, “Never Change” and “Automatic”.

Jay Fox

Jay Fox is our Newnan, GA poet with large influences from Outcast and Goodie Mob. He’s got his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds. As an Army combat veteran he’s often the voice of peace and reason. He’s also a bit of a self-styled “playa” with the heart of a poet. He’s at his best when he’s speaking on inner growth and reflecting on the world around him. Check Out “Life is Great” “WTF: Welcome to Foxtales” and “Growth”.


Muddy1k is the fun loving country boy from the city of Birmingham. He grabs listener’s attention with his southern twang and smooth bravado. His fans and listeners are the ones with the large speakers in their car and teeth just as gold as their flamboyant watches. His music is at home in the strip club and party scene. He’s at the same time the team player and the mascot. Check out “Dirty”, “Lookadat”, and “Picture Perfect”.

Hotboi Ty

Hotboi Ty is the Talladega street hustler with the heart of a crooner. The Frank Sentara of the team. A lyricist from the other side of the track that discovered a singing voice that can make the ladies swoon and the lyrics and background to keep the streets satisfied. Infamously unwilling to sign to any label he found a home at PSMG and was the first artist to hit 100k streams. His latest offering “Shells in the Wind” released Oct 2, 2020. Check Out “F.H.H.”, “Lemonade” and “Ziggy Juice”.


Styyle is the live wire of the crew. His musical antics are full of high energy, catch phrases and tones of braggadocio. He is a confident center of attention and the youngest member of the team. His adrenaline fueled “What are you gonna do about it” rhymes are often broken up by a transparent reflective side that belie a deep thinker. Check out “Race”, “Hit Stick”, “Heartfroze”.


Cornaztone is the lyrical and business leader face of the team. He spends most of his time behind the scenes and only appears on features to remind the world he can rhyme with the best of them. His lyrics first approach is always a perfect complement to his artist craft. Some of his notable appearances: Ayokipp “Doing Damage”; Jay Fox “$100,000″/”Powerseat Kingdom”; Styyle “Sex in the City”; Muddy1k “Backdown”; Hotboi Ty “Issue”.


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