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Demi Dahmer – The single “Drowning in Maggots” precedes the upcoming EP “Psychic Vampire”

After the tracks from Demi’s first psychic vampire EP were all leaked early, Demi Dahmer has hinted he might drop a new album out of nowhere very soon. He has stated if he does, it will be the most heaviest and brutal album yet. This is not bad because Demi usually releases music entirely without promotion — even though he is a big self-promoter and uses his fans to post hints on his newest works.

With his music streaming over 80,000 on Soundcloud, Demi has already released his first single track from the CD, “Drowning in Maggots”, which is the track that first thrust them into the limelight. Demi would have to work hard to release something without people noticing it.

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