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L Oquence: “Cold Winter Knights” is a meticulously arranged and cleverly conceived album

The great-grandson of blues legend Wynonie Harris, L Oquence attempts to live up to his family’s legacy with his music. L Oquence delves into a trippy combination of alternative hip-hop in the tradition of Aesop Rock and Mf Doom, and electro-pop influenced by groups like The Postal Service. He has been on the radio programs Hype Vibe Radio and Shepiphany, both airing on 1690 AM, he has also been on the TV program Angel’s World of Food, and performed songs with legends such as K-Rino.

“Cold Winter Knights” by L Oquence has got to be one of the most surprising and unique albums I’ve heard in a while. This is like lo-fi electronica meets alternative rap.

loquence-400If you are looking for bouncy, flashy hip-hop party beats, you also won’t find those here. The album is filled with beautiful soundscapes. Most of the beats are slow and comfortable, which never overpower L Oquence’ singing or rapping voice, as they are the main focus of the music.

It’s really hard to classify L Oquence as a rapper, because if you honestly listen to his music, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard out there today. If you are looking for something new and different from the normal hip-hop scene, I encourage you to check it out, if just to hear something you probably will never hear on the radio.

L Oquence stands out from normal rappers, as his ability to deliver all types of real lyrics and paint a vivid picture of what he’s talking about make you feel as if you’re talking to him over the telephone. He has a novel approach to rapping (or rap-singing) – his unusual lyrical flows to slow melodious electro beats oozed with poignancy, give off a fresh vibe, unlike anything heard before.

“Cold Winter Knights” is the kind of album you can listen to a hundred times, still love it, and still discover new meaning and insight on every one of its tracks. It is yet another indication that a new breed of spoken word artists, are quickly taking the stagnant mainstream by storm.

“Cold Winter Knights” is a meticulously arranged and cleverly conceived album. L Oquence threads a perfect blend of samples, instrumentation and percussion that conjure a world that is both aurally complex yet humbly beautiful.

A spewing mantra of innovative musical ingenuity, L Oquence’s word wizardry should not be confused with swaggering verbal acrobatics as he is more into metaphoric poetical complexity and light pop melodics that will leave you transfixed.

Standout tracks include, Talking and Talking (Feat. LoFi)”, “The Red Sheen Orb (Prod. Luke Besant)”,The Difference (Feat. Cyan)”, “ Lonely (Feat. Morris Miles)andIt’s Alright (Feat. Mechanical Nature)”. This album is loaded with really nicely composed pieces with lots of little details and subtle changes. I also like the fact that the more upbeat pieces are not overbearing or loaded one way or another with electronic or analog parts. Transitions from slow to fast midway through songs are quite uplifting and delightful. I especially find the slower pieces to be very emotional and evocative of the lyrical matter in the song.

All-round I’m totally blown away by the energy and lyrical brilliance displayed on this record. L Oquence takes what he does very seriously and that shines brightly here. L Oquence’s delightful vocals, coated with insight and emotion, are beautifully combined with his crafty and sonically pleasing beats to provide 8 songs that will soothe your soul for many repeated listens. “Cold Winter Knights” is a spectacular album from start to finish.


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