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KeyLolo: “Willy Wonder” – stoner-core lyrics, interspersed with great bumps and beats

If you’re looking for pure production quality, or mind-boggling, razor sharp technical skills, you obviously have no idea of what’s going on here. Bay St Louis, MS, stoner rapper, KeyLolo, features unquestionable intelligence and besides the obvious free styling lyrical skills reflected in her songs, she thinks for herself (anyone listening?). You’ll notice that KeyLolo does not regurgitate the conventional ideas many American (and other rappers) are molded to believe.


It becomes clear that the she has contemplated society’s musical traditions. While too many rappers seem to eagerly swallow and follow everyone else without question, KeyLolo offer some hope of original ideas, regardless of whether these ideas stick with rap or hiphop fans. She is able to forge this creative position, primarily because she raps for herself first, and for fun secondly. No pretenses, no faking needed.

KeyLolo, hauls out her Smule app whenever she is in a creative mood, and within hours she is able to free-style a couple of tracks to add to her collection. She has applied this technique to her 3-track EP which includes the songs, “Twerking Working”, “420” and “Willy Wonder”. ‘Smuling’ on her phone has become a favorite pastime for KeyLolo. Keeping in mind that she is a leaf connoisseur, I would imagine that the latest track, “Willy Wonder” has more than something to do with the legendary cannabis strains, originally developed during the 80s and known as Willy’s Wonder, or William’s Wonder. The strains have an aroma which is an equally diverse mix of tropical fruit and citrus that also comes through in its sweet and sour taste – much like the KeyLolo song!

Delivering this stoner-core lyrics, interspersed with great bumps and beats, and interesting messages that really say something – KeyLolo has a lot to offer. Again, keeping in mind that she also supports and appreciates cannabis, knows how to laugh and have fun, all the while displaying her individuality and intelligence, I would like to give her 10 stars, but I’m not quite high enough yet!


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