Kabbalistic Village: “Deep Waters” an enigmatic symphony of ambient composition

Kabbalistic Village is a 27-year-old an electronic music producer originally from New York but now living in Israel. He has been producing for 5 years and works heavily in the audio stock music market, while paving the way towards being a film composer.

Kabbalistic Village
Kabbalistic Village

Kabbalistic Village’s music is influenced by many things but mostly by spirituality and nature and life in general. His latest album is entitled “Deep Waters”. Haunting, evocative, mysterious, and magnificent, Kabbalistic Village’s “Deep Waters” offers nine musical explorations of sound and sensation that dazzles and amazes.

The songs unfold in rolling waves, each more complex and richly layered than the last, yet each fully capable of standing alone as a musically satisfying experience. The beauty of the album is far beyond words. As an electronic artist, Kabbalistic Village is nothing close to being airy fairy EDM music producer. His music is soulful, energetic, hypnotic, mesmerizing, intense and tasteful. Spread through a variety of electronic subgenres such as Deep Ambient, Orchestral, Chill and Downtempo.

This is an album that flows from beginning to end without a single dead spot, or a single wrong note. Though instrumental, Kabbalistic Village’s songs are almost like stories. The songs may grow and change as they progress and many have several different movements to them. There is also beautiful blend of different types of instruments in perfect proportions making the sum more than its parts.

The album cover
The album cover

The standout tracks for me are, “Waterfall”, “Jerusalem”, “End Of The World”, “Mountain” and “A Drive To Remember”. All the songs however, seem to offer a philosophical insight into Kabbalistic Village’s personal beliefs, in the form of an ‘enigmatic’ symphony of ambient composition. While each song holds its own unique interpretation of life, I believe the purpose of “Deep Waters” is to inspire love, peace and wholeness within its listeners. It would obviously also make excellent soundtrack music for any visual material in need of mood-inducing scores.

However, as a person spirituality deeply rooted within Nature, I find that I am continually brought back to the redemptive sounds of this album. Turn out the lights, lie in the twilight of candlelight, and close your eyes. Then experience the soothing, convalescent, and disarming tranquility this music conveys. Whether you need this for your own personal use or to support some spectacular footage, rest assured that Kabbalistic Village has delivered a collection of high quality, ambient-orientated songs with “Deep Waters”!


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