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jCrizzy: “The Life” album expands on all levels, instead of regurgitating the same old lyrics and beats

jCrizzy has been a familiar figure on these pages. Initially we reviewed the track, “The Life”. Then we took a look at his single “Dreams”. Next we enjoyed the video release of “Make It”. Now Joseph Gerard Crisol aka jCrizzy is back with the release of his full-length album project, “The Life”.

Born in Queens, raised in the Philippines, and eventually moved to Northern California, jCrizzy is an Urban music artist with talents in rapping, singing, and production. jCrizzy prides himself in being able to create quality records from beats and lyrics, to the final stages of mixing and mastering. And he forges all those talents on “The Life”.

Joseph Gerard Crisol aka jCrizzy
Joseph Gerard Crisol aka jCrizzy

The album is truly interesting, with jCrizzy’s beats having an old-school feel to them, re-touched with a modern new school flavor. His emceeing skills are as dynamic as his production, while his flow proves that he can ride any beat with words, and his lyrics show how introspective and positive the man can be.

Like all modern records, this album stuffed with fifteen tracks, so you get your money’s worth. There are an abundance of variations, with jCrizzy singing and rapping in his distinctive style, which leaves the listener craving for more. The album starts out strong, with the title track and just gets stronger with standouts like “Supernova (ft. Somong)”, Rock”, “Can We (ft. Anya)”, “Same Thing”, “All Night (ft. Chel)”, “Last Call”, “Dream” and “Make It”. But jCrizzy’s style of rap is different, and something about it makes it unique. As well as that, the production of all these tracks is flawless!


“The Life” resembles albums of the past that showcased a full house of “hits” as opposed to only 2 or 3 solid songs, which you find on most releases today. You will find yourself listening to more than one song over and over again. jCrizzy gives the genre a breath of fresh air, proving that rap and hip-hop can still be outstanding. His beats are always catchy and original as he combines his signature hip-hop beats with other genres: soul, R&B, dance, and pop. Such variety gives this album the interesting swings.

Lyrically, jCrizzy explores many issues that modern-day rap artists should, but don’t. His passionate powerful messages keep audiences listening closely as his words are obviously true to his heart, whether expressed in a raunchy or sweet manner.

All in all, “The Life” will have you nodding your head from beginning to end, and you will not feel drained afterwards from sensory overload. It expands on all levels, instead of regurgitating the same old lyrics and beats. jCrizzy grasps inspiration from a number of genres to provide a listening experience even non-rap enthusiasts can enjoy. This s simply a great body of work!

Visit jCrizzy’s official website @jCrizzy.com, Instagram @jCrizzy, Twitter @jCrizzyMusic, and Facebook@jCrizzyMusic. Purchase @iTUNES

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