Jannie Dee has released her debut single ‘FREE’!

Australian-based Jannie Dee has released her debut single ‘FREE’ and followed that up with the video of the song being published to YouTube. This will all lead to her ‘I’m Ready’ EP which will be coming out on the 18th December. Beautifully-penned lyrics, masterful production, and great vocals, broadly themed around sensuality, sexuality, and raw emotions, ‘FREE’ sounds like a personal and artistically important work for Jannie Dee. The track is so much more than just a breakup song. Disappointment, wears on the heart and you can find yourself looking for something to give you that hope for a better love.

Jannie Dee
Jannie Dee

This song shows that against all odds you can overcome bad love, and be something more when you’re “FREE”. This is a big R&B-Pop ballad with a lot of heart. It is full emotionality, sensuality, and vulnerability that is sorely lacking in a lot of music of this era. Jannie Dee took a chance to expose her soul and it definitely paid off. She is very revealing on this track, and she shows us a side that is genuine. This particular song is full of real emotions experienced by almost everyone at some point in their life. Jannie is talented and is definitely growing into her craft of music and performing, and “FREE” is a great way to kick things off officially!

Singer and songwriter Jannie Dee’s passion for music is soul-deep. She discovered her love for music in primary school and hasn’t stopped singing since. Her unique sound is a mix of old school R&B and pop that leaves you wanting to fall in love. Jannie Dee was born in the Philippines and migrated to Australia in 1992. She discovered her voice when she was just seven years old. Her passion for music landed her performances at primary school and other events in her early years.

Jannie Dee
Jannie Dee

At a young age Jannie Dee fell in love with the vocal stylings of R&B artists like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She loved connecting to the stories these women told in their songs. This inspired her to begin writing poetry, using it as an outlet to pen her emotions at the time. As she got older, she drew inspiration from artists like Brandy, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men and other R&B artists that weren’t necessarily widely popular in Australia at the time. She dreamed of writing her own music and releasing an album, but had no idea how to get started.

Jannie Dee’s vocal talent was discovered by a music producer in 2010. He was very impressed with her talent and vocal stylings. They began working together and he mentored her throughout the process of singing, writing music and planning. Life’s ups and downs got in the way of Jannie Dee’s passion at times during the process, but her passion for singing and dream of releasing an album never faded. In 2012 she began performing at local clubs and events in Melbourne, supporting local artists and singing both covers and her original songs. She has spent much of 2015 intensely focused on music. Earlier in the year, she flew to Sydney to work with the music producer that originally inspired her to record.


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